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By Anonymous
Regarding the line in the trivia section, the plant tucked into the belt on the Choir set looks more like a sprig of mistletoe than it does of rosemary.
By skweed
perhaps the most interesting thing about this weapon is that the maiden it refers to is ebrietas

something very few people know about is that ebrietas' theme actually has lyrics (theyre in latin but latin is still translatable), which directly quote the quote in the rosmarinus' description

in short: ebrietas gun
By Anonymous
Rosmarinus more like Amogus
By Anonymous
Boo! Get off the stage!
By Anonymous
I cannot unsee that..... damn you
By Anonymous
A shame that this and the Flamesprayer can't stagger in any way. It is almost impossible to use it longer than two seconds against most enemies because of the delay and slowed movement so it would have been nice if it could stagger like other firearms or the Flamesprayers of the church enemies.
By Anonymous
A fun trivia that this weapon does that you didn't add, if you hold down the trigger and let Rosmarinus continue to spray it will start to make an echoing noise like a choir singing.
By Anonymous
It mentions this in the item description at the top of the page.
By Anonymous
how is it that this tea kettle air freshener has higher arcane scaling then the mother****ing holy moonlight sword?
By Anonymous
Flamesprayer is literally just a better version of this. You get earlier and it deals damage more effectively to more common enemies. If you’re gonna run an arcane build, just use the flamesprayer.
By Anonymous
The Rosmarinus is a complimentary weapon to the Flamesprayer, with pure Arcane and a bonus stacking effect on certain foes (might be all at different rates). It's slightly better for Chalice bosses (since Watchdog and Keeper have pretty high Flame Resistances, and the Pthumerians are SUPER weak to it), plus foes that pack low Arcane Defenses.
By Anonymous
The humidifier of death
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Or some say ni-[banned]
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Why does the “How to Pick Up Fair Maidens” Hyperlink in the Hunter’s Dream page lead to here?
By Anonymous
cause you gotta have this to pick up fair maidens duh
By Anonymous
A convoluted way of telling you you need Jesus? Cause it's a holy weapon? It kinda makes sense