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Could someone explain this to me?
This build seems to suggest that Ludwig's Holy Blade scales with strength, skill and arcane at the same time. Is this the case? I thought weapons only scaled with arcane if you use an arcane gem with them, and if you do that it scales with only arcane.



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It does not scale with all the stats. If you don't have any elemental gems in it, it will scale equally with strength and skill. If you put even a single elemental gem into it, the blade will only scale with arcane. That's why you should either go with a quality build (equal str and skill, no/low arcane) or with the str/skl requirements to wield it and high arcane (<~50
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How much damage are you dealing with the Tiny Tronitus at 25 arcane to other players?
That's right. 25 arcane just to use the tiny tonitrus seems a bit silly to me...
It scales with all 3 stats
Yes all of those stats contribute to increacing the atttack power of the weapon. The Holy blade and Holy moonlight sword, which would be a good substitution, both have increaced attack power bosed on arcane while in 2dn form ONLY so me trying to scrap together a build of ludwig myself only use second form which Is much more like the boss and his second phase where he regains his humanity.