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i havent beaten the game yet so if its something to do with end game i understand but unless something to do with lore why are all the caskets in central yarnam and cathedral ward locked?



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srry was this crazy cat that asked that. :)
I heard something about an enemy called "cramped casket"
I don't know why. But it will not let us use them. Any info.
there is a One
Equip them in your weapons box first.
No sadly there isn't but there is multiplayer
Is there a two player like split screen
Benefits of wear Blood jems stones


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Any starter tips I'm only just getting it
Same here. So far i learned: go to the bridge and engage the Cleric Beast ASAP to get your first insight point. Now you can start leveling up in the Hunters Dream. Other than that, just be patient and don't give up!
im having trouble with father Goscaine.....any tips?
Use the music box to stun him for a quick couple seconds to get some hits use tombstones to keep distance
Try to parry him.
get good
get good!
1.) use the headstones for cover, keep them between you and him for the first phase. you can dodge almost all his shots and hits that way but still get hits on him

2.) use the music box to stagger him, then run behind him and get a visceral attack (can do this 3x in first phase)

3.) kite him around the arena in any phase and try to get hits on him or stay in one area and parry his attacks to get visceral damage on him.

i did a combo of all of these and beat him finally. had the hardest time getting behind him when using the music box though bc the game seems programmed to protect his back when you use it.
Git blud
Git gud
I found out something some might not know. When you die your blood drops on the ground, but if an enemy walks over it they pick it up and you have to kill them. Which is why its on the ground sometimes and sometimes enemies have glowing eyes sometimes. -TM
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Imminent fool. May the good blood guide you.
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Could you wear the Bradors Testimony with beast's embrace on because if so you can look like the cleric beast?
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