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By Anonymous
You know what would be fun? Boulders getting thrown at you off screen that oneshot you. In a poison swamp. Yeah sounds great!!!!’
By Anonymous
Nice screenshot. Really needed to see its hairy butt.
By Anonymous
Hoonters must hoont
Beasts must burn
Boulders must SMASH!
By Anonymous
That leaping attack might just be my favourite enemy attack in the game
By Anonymous
I would add that they are weak to Blood. Chickage seems to wipe floor with them better than any weapon I tried on them.
By Anonymous
Random thought: in Lovecraft's book "The case of Charles Dexter Ward" there's mentions of large, pale, malformed humanoids. After reading it I can't stop making the mental connection and wonder if there's a deeper link, since the creatures in the book (guardians, I'm assuming) were specifically created as servants/slaves, just like the giant lost children seem to be too.
By Anonymous
just thinking out loud here really, but considering the heavy lovecraftian inspiration this game thrives off, these guys may possibly be based off the white ape-like monsters which the martense family devolved into in the h.p lovecraft story 'the lurking fear'!!