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I got this item simply by strolling around in Yharnam trying to collect more blood vials. I went to the coughing guy's window and noticed that he was talking in a clearer voice. After that most Windows and Doors NPC had the same text/voice for the entire playtime. I believe this happened after I killed the blood starving Beast and later got caught by a Stalker. -Q91
I got him to show up early in a NG+ by simply going to the forbidden woods early with the glitch. Simply ran to forbidden woods and ran back to yharnam. If you killed anything before going there everything will have re-spawned and patches will be in the houses. Just retried it in a new game and it worked again.
This worked for me also
I have the tonsil stone, have not reached 40 insight or beaten Rom, and cannot see the lesser Amygdala which is on the outer wall of Oedon Chapel. Got the stone from an NPC in Forbidden Woods near the poison cave, if it matters.
It matters since this page and the insight page say that the tonsil stone lets you see them. I also couldn't see any of them when I had the tonsil stone.
It doesnt matter if you see him or not, just walk up to the big *** door and get grabbed by that vortex whirley thing and then you should be teleported
I agree, should be fixed ASAP, it's misinformation
You see him after defeating Rom and initiating the Cutscenes afterwards
Tonsil stone is given in more places than the Woods. I was just headed there to get the stone, but decided to talk to the NPC in the window by the Central Yharnam light and it ended up being a different NPC than usual and he gave me the stone. It might be that as long as you've reached a certain point in the game then any Red Light NPC will give you the stone.
I think that was patches because all villagers say the same thing, so I think he's just moving there really quickly
After you leave and go to a new area and then come back, the normal people return
After you leave and go to a new area and then come back, the normal people return
I was able to obtain the tonsil stone from the window of the Young Yharnam Girl after killing Rom, The Vacuous Spider, despite this wiki saying it's not possible.
What was the dialogue if you remember



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What does that mean ?

I got this but when i die i still loss my blood echoes ! :-/
He was probably at the wrong one because I went to him with barely any health and the frenzy dropped my health to zero but it still teleported me
You won't lose them when the Amygdala grabs and probably kills you you'll simple teleport. It doesn't stop you from losing them any other way
You just need enough hp
I dont think that "you just need enough hp" what kills you normally (w/out the tonsil stone) is the frenzy + fall damage combo that the lesser amygdala does that ends up killing you, however since frenzy does damage based on a percentage of your max hp, and the tonsil stone initiates the teleport to the first floor of the lecture hall, its not just that he didnt have enough hp, its either that he didnt have the tonsil stone, wasnt at the lesser amygdala located outside of the unseen village, or he just wasnt at full hp and the frenzy killed him
I believe it refers to the cerebellar tonsil, a part of the brain located next to the amygdala (which I might add, is the title of the enemy which is related to it).
what i've ruminated on:

look in your mouth, the stone looks like a tonsil.

the medical meaning of 'tonsil stone' is a lump of calcified material found in your tonsils.

Also, the stone indubitably resembles the latticed faces of the Great Ones which coincides with the last part of the item description where it mentions the stone as a 'godhead'
I managed to get this in the Cathedral Ward, after I killed Amelia. I had put on the Black Church attire and spoke to a guy at the window, down the alleyway where there are the four lanterns. At the starting lantern, turn left and go though the door and go right and up the step, right and then turn left at the grave yard.
Update - It seems after doing this and re-entering the Cathedral Ward, when you go back to the door, you can hear a lady saying "my baby, my precious, little baby! stay away, stay away from us" instead of the man.
Easiest way to get tonsil stone is to beat vicar. then go to forbidden woods. you do not need to light the bonfire there. Go back into cathedral ward and talk to any of the red lanterns along the foggy street. Patches replaces all door that give responses. only doors he doesn't replace are those already with no response.(like the arrianna if she moved already)
Just did this in game. still dont have forbidden forest lamp lit.
When i tested it I opened the forbidden woods door but didn't proceed too far in, patches did not show up yet. I then went back and lit the lantern and patches showed up. So entering the area may be the trigger.