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I was able to find this key at the listed location and so was my brother. The key is not there for my friend and he cannot progress. Glitch?
No summons, no bell ringing. Key didn't spawn for me until I went all the way to the top of that tower and killed the enemy up top. Key was there on the way down. Weird, no?
i goth help in forest buth got key
I am experiencing this game breaking bug as there a sort of FROM support we can contact to let them know about this?
Hey guys, just wanted to ask if any of you died while helping fight the spider boss BEFORE looting the key? That's what happened to me and the key is no where to be found. I'm not sure what to do at this point, please let me know if you have any ideas!
do we need to do something specific to see the key or is this a bug?
Post above, I helped with the spider boss and died as well. And no key
The report is that if you are summoned. So if you are summing people you're possible ruining their game later on. So don't summon others.
do we need to do something specific to see the key or is this a bug?
Key not there for me either.
You can't get to the spider boss without this key. Just chiming in that it's also not there for me.
I was told if you summoned someone in the forest
the key will not show up. you have to solo the whole forest location
So its says that try not to play multiplayer in the forbidden woods. But what about the area right after, Byrgenworth? Would the summoned still be affected?
I found this key. It was there. I know it was. I picked it up, then went right to the door it goes in. To the balcony place. I know what this key is for. It's to the balcony where you go to fight rom. The spider man. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na spider man.
This item's description bothers me lore-wise... It speaks of Wilhelm as if he was dead !!
1) "In his final years, Master Willem was fond of the lookout"
2) "In the end, it is said, he left his secret with the lake"
Sure, the second phrase could be explained as "nobody could ask him after he went braindead / mute"; but the first one ... pretty much suggests his years are over...
A lot of the characters in Bloodborne seem to be long-dead, but reanimated through the Dream. Gehrman, Djura, the Old Hunters, Micolash, etc.