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By Anonymous
I love how every set that pairs with the Chikage thematically (Yamamura, both Cainhurst sets, Maria's set) has awful clipping with the sheath.
By Anonymous
Hunter hat
Charred hunter garb
Tomb prospector gloves
Knight trousers / hunter trousers / charred hunter trousers
By Anonymous
Royal Duelist:

Cainhurst helm
Knight’s garb
Choir gloves
Choir trousers

Crow Wizard:

Bone ash mask
Crow feather garb
Bone ash gauntlets
Bone ash leggings

The Detective:

Gascoigne’s cap
Constable garb
Choir gloves
Black/white church trousers


Old hunter top hat
Ashen hunter garb
Gascoigne’s gloves
Executioner’s trousers

Scholar Knight:

Blindfold cap
Cainhurst armour
Charred hunter gloves
Cainhurst leggings

**** stats, and may the good blood guide your way

By Anonymous
i guess this doubles as the fashion page (should totally make a page for fashion and call it ballerborne btw) so-
ghermans cap
charred hunter coat
yamamura gloves
tomb prospector boots
box art hunter cap
crowfeather garb
cainhurst gauntlets
charred hunter boots
gascoignes hat
tomb prospector coat
executioner gloves
yahargul boots
By Anonymous
What's wrong with you?
By Anonymous
"what's wrong with you?" more specific please
By Anonymous
Default hunter set
By Anonymous
dude, tomb prospector cloak, gloves and boots, with the Yhar' har' yosemite hooded helm... chef's kiss** end of story
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