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Agh, reading the wiki's just makes me realise how much stuff I missed. Just completed the game. I knew that new game plus was available but I didnt realize that I end up back at square one after I defeated the moon presence. I thought id still have access to all the levels I'd completed. Damn it. Still, amazing game. I dont see how first time players could see everything this game has to offer without a guide or walkthrough. It's so cryptic that just finding out what youre supposed to do next can be a 2 hour job of checking every piece of inventory and searching every crevice of the world map. Maybe Ill give it another run. Its a good enough game to warrant a lore run.
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By bolalar
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souls games pretty much always warrant multiple playthroughs due to the multiple endings+npc routes!
By Anonymous
FEMALE Maria Hunter Hat + Yharnam Hunter Set LEGEND
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Wish the Chime Maiden's set was wearable
By Anonymous
You Weren't Kidding. It Is A Badass Looking Set.
By Anonymous
Crow Mask, Knight Body, Choir Gloves and White Church trousers looks bomb, rocking that with Bloodletter and Chikage
By Anonymous
If you want to look badass just put the old hunter hat, charred hunter garb, charred hunter gloves and old hunter trousers.
By Anonymous
You Weren't Kidding. It Is A Badass Looking Set.
By Anonymous
Ha! I do the same thing but with the Yamamura hat. My fave
By Anonymous
What is the attire Vaati has in "Bloodborne DLC ► Wrath of Mother Kos [#3" at min 3:40
By Anonymous
Maria Hunter Garb, Old Hunter Cap and Hunter Gloves if I'm not mistaken. Can't make out the trousers for sure but they could be Maria's set as well.
By Anonymous
Does Bloodborne have a "fashion souls"? If so, where can I go for it? Lol
By Anonymous
Bloodborne is fashion souls
By Anonymous
Female church sets and Yharnam hunter set are much better
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