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Head: Cainhurst
Body: Maria's
Arms: Executioner
Legs: Knight's Dress or Maria's
Who agrees the Yhargul helmet looks like the Dancer's helmet from DS3
Head: Master's Iron Helm
Arms: Executioner Gauntlets
Chest: Beast Hide Garb
Legs: Wine Hakama

Looks amazinnnn


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i do

Head: Old Hunter Top Hat

Arms: Executioner Gauntlets

Chest: Tomb Prospector Garb

Legs: Knight's Dress
Head: Black church
Everything else: Tomb Prospector

I've been rocking this combo for a while now and it looks so good on a very burly male body
Head and arms: Cainhurst
Body and legs: Bone Ash

Ive been using this combo for a while, mainly because it looks cool. Despite that being my main reason, it has pretty good physical defence to top it off
Head: Gascoigne's Cap
Body: Hunter Garb B
Arms: Executioner's Gloves or Old Hunter Gloves
Legs: Old Hunter's Trousers
Kind of a cowboy look. I love Gascoigne's hat, despite its simplicity, but it does have some good resistances.
Head: Harrowed Hunters
Body: Gascoigne's Garb
Arms: Constable Glove's
Legs: Harrowed Hunters
Looks way better then anything Ive tried, plus with the 2 defense runes, it makes my physical intake fairly high.
(All Damage Reduction+4, Physical Damage Reduction+3)
(All Damage Reduction+4, Physical Damage Reduction+3)
Where is his attire? It looks similar to the old hunter set, but still...
Idk what you are talking about. Marvelous Chester is in DS1 not Bloodborne
Marvelous Chester is only a reference to Bloodborne as the beginning of its development coincided with Artorias of the Abyss, he is seperate from the Bloodborne universe. Although yes, old hunter set with a top hat can be a funny Chester cosplay.
If you look at the hole under the mask you can see your character has no neck. It looks like they just remove the body entirely when you put on clothes that cover the full body. It's much easier to see when you wear the attire in the game. This must have been an oversight I guess ...
The mask is smaller than most head sizes, that's why.
Maybe they did it to save polygons for the clothing or something.
Ahh developer shortcuts these days.
It wouldn't have been very hard to add a part to cover up where it's possible to see your...erm...nothingness. I like to think that this means the Keepers of the Old Lords are actually now ethereal beings and wearing the full set makes you similar.
Its not just them taking a shortcut, it also helps with making sure there's no collision, clipping through clothes, less models on screen etc etc.
Ahh developer shortcuts these days.