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By Anonymous
I love it, but I wish the one-handed moveset wasn't so weird.
By Anonymous
That has to be the most beautiful weapon description i've ever read in all souls games.
By Anonymous
8tz4w23v - Sinister Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice. Roll through first floor, not much there, 3 Watchers boss. 2nd floor, roll past Lantern and take elevator up, treasure door leads to Lost Burial Blade past Messenger Bath. Watch out for 5-6 caster witches before elevator, and spider bell lady before 2nd boss lever nearby to treasure room.

2nd floor boss Beast-Possessed Soul, then treasure room on beginning of 3rd floor (pre-Lantern) leads to Lost Blades of Mercy. Lost Burial Blade area has 1 Wandering Madness, Lost Blades area has 2.

Another Wandering Madness under main structure in level 3 area guarded by 2 Maneater Pigs.

Final boss is Bloodletting Beast w/ head intact. Early in dungeon is a Pilgrim, dungeon is fairly quiet.
By Anonymous
Compared to the church pick,
-powerful dodge attacks
-moveset is excellent against groups
-very fast charged heavy (untransformed) or very powerful charged heavy (transformed)
-innate arcane
-Transformed L2 is very useful against single targets.
-Not buffable
-transformed uncharged heavy is weird
-neither serrated nor righteous.
-lower physical damage
In conclusion, use the burial blade over the church pick if you're the kind of hunter who finds themselves hunting foes either humanoid or numerous, or foresee themselves making great use of the dodging attacks.
By Anonymous
it feels like the burial blade and the blade of mercy were designed with each other in mind tbh. They have the same scaling and their movesets complement each other perfectly. the blade of mercy has fast, short ranged attacks that are great in one on one fights but suffer in groups. this thing has long, sweeping attacks that are great for groups but are really slow.
By Anonymous
Amygdala Slayer!
By Anonymous
Ithyll FRC - RMYMDJ6K:
layer 1 bonus area: +3 Clockwise Metamorphosis
* layer 3 bonus area - burial blade
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By HaloOfEmbers
Lost Burial Blade - area before layer one lantern, glyph is 3fy5pgts (ptumeru ihyll chalice)
By Anonymous
I thinking of using this as the arcane in my arcane strength hybrid build, is it a good idea as it has good arcane scaling but can’t be buffed well by arcane and elemental gems.
By Anonymous
It doesn't scale super well on strength, if you're willing to sacrifice a few points from strength, it scales extremely well on skill... I was going to do a str/bloodtinge build for NG+ but this has me doing skill/arcane now
By Anonymous
Tonight gehrman f*cks your mom
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