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By Anonymous
The false depth glyph for the uncanny should be clearly labelled as that, not every player wants to use exploits.
By Anonymous
Gameplay mechanics aren’t exploits, but say w.e you want to make yourself sleep better at night...
By Anonymous
Why is there no rally potential stat listed... did I miss it?
By Anonymous
That Pthumerian chalice for the uncanny seems awful ailing loran WHY?
By Anonymous
It "is" Loran. It's a false depth chalice, a Loran dungeon has been modified to have a pthumeru 1 glyph
By Rzargo
Something that should be put on the Uncanny Burial Blade instructions is that you need to complete 2 layers of the first chalice dungeon before you can use a glyph to make a chalice dungeon.
By Anonymous
No one isn't probably even updating these sites.
By Anonymous
No one isn't probably even updating these sites anymore.
By Anonymous
*. You need to the beat the Layer 2 boss to get the Root chalice in order to unlock the ability to search a glyph to begin with. You shouldn't even be using False Depths if you don't understand basic Chalice info.
By Anonymous
thats just how glyphs work though, it really doesnt need to be said here
By Anonymous
Rotted Pthumeru Ihyll [ykfd7rhi] (F/R/-) L2: Lost Logarius' Wheel L3: Lost Reiterpallasch, Lost Burial Blade L3 is a very large area with 3 treasure chests.
By Anonymous
Is it just me or does anyone else find the untransformed moveset wonky, choreography-wise? IMO it feels really awkward to see the hunter swing a dex weapon around that way when Gehrman used it so gracefully. Also i feel that the unstransformed normal combo of the Beasthunter Saif is how the moveset shoud have been.
By Anonymous
True, it's just way too big of a sword to be used like the blade of mercy
By Anonymous
Arcane dmg is low on this and blade of mercy, but enemies are more resistant to physical than arcane including and especially for players (usually phys defense is higher than arcane defense by 100, or phys def is double the arcane def).
By Anonymous
Do I have to have the regular version for the trophy?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i know i'm a bit late but you would have to get the normal blade anyways because you cant obtain the other versions without the original, so yes you must acquire the weapon you get from defeating gehrman in order to get the trophy.
By Anonymous
to 3rd reply - you can absolutely go into a chalice dungeon and get this early in the game. you don't need to beat gehrman first.
By Anonymous
I seriously want to use this weapon, but if wanted to use it efficiently, I would have to create another build and beat the game again :(
By Anonymous
Copy your save to an external source, uninstall and do the day one dupe. I did this and got all stats to 50 except health, 99, and stamina, 40 because it caps there. I also beat every boss solo in under a day.
By Anonymous
To the dude that commented, the game is 100x better if you dont break it with duplication like a dipsh*t.
By Anonymous
Why is that a problem?
By Anonymous
Easily my favourite weapon in the game, and I love nearly all of them! One thing that does annoy me a bit though is that in order to have decent damage, you really do have to have a heavily skill-based build. But with that being said, with a skill-arcane/skill-strength-build, this is my go-to weapon.
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