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Is it me or does the durability of the burial blade drain fast?
Try using the tonitrus or Holy Moonlight sword. Now THOSE drain like a *****
maybe you meant stamina?
i think the moveset for the one-handed mode looks stupid you are just svinging the blade around like an idiot but when you turn it into the scythe you're swinging it around like the biggest boss i think that the one-handed mode moveset needs a improvement like give it the same moves as gherman
and for the cape glitch i found out that the cape dissapears when you use the saif like constantly do dash moves and transformation attack. idk how to trigger it but you have to do alot of dash moves og tranasformation attacks
I have a doubt, is the Amygdalan arm older than the burial blade? The BB is the oldest of trick weapons but the amygdalan arm isn't technically a trick weapon and also the wiki says that the arm could be the inspiration behind the BB
Amydalan Arm is most likely older (though I don't think it's in inspiration behind the BB), but as you said, it's not technically a trick weapon. You're literally just beating people to death with a hacked-off arm.
I believe what they mean is that its the first weapon birthed from the Hunter's workshop. As stated above, the AA isnt actually a trick weapon, it just so happens to be an arm that doubles as something for combat. No workshop involved, just pick it up and GO!
Staggers, incredible rally, and DOPE AF.

It's a real pain to use in NG+ though, even at +10 killing things becomes a hassle.
Okay...I was in NG+ and Old Hunters in NG+? Yeah good *****ing luck with the first boss...
Old Hunters DLC ng is light work bro.

I specifically noted NG+ as well T.T
The ar isn't that low, though. I'm in NG++++ and it still beats all other weapons based on moveset.
Eh kinda. I have a Burial Blade+8 and I can still kick *** even in the Old Hunters DLC which people have said is the hardest part of the game. Though I switched it out for Rakuyo and Bloodletter ;)
I have 600 AR
It has low AR. Get over it.
and you probably have ***** skill stat then
Just wanted to let everyone know that this weapon is fantastic! Now im off to watch american horror story. And yes im drunk, multitasking watching it and fighting laurence. GOOD DAY!
Multitasking whilst fighting Laurence? If you win your a hero!!
It is all thanks to drunk thing.
Try not to end up in the nightmare....
Beautiful thing, a drunk man
In Yharnam, they produce more blood than alcohol, as the former is more intoxicating.
Wondrous drunkard
Can someone help me beat the dungeon for the lost burial blade? i have a trial for ps+. I need to beat the defilad chalice then the chalice after that too. and I need the materials so that will take a while. But im trying to get it early in NG+ and its proving troublesome.
LOL "chaluce"


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The big brother to the Blade of Mercy, this has always been one of my favorite "cool if somewhat impractical IRL" weapons.

One thing I wish I had were solid numbers on the rally potential, both for the normal and transformed modes. What I do know was that the scythe form had the highest rally potential in the game, but I don't know if that's true with the DLC weapons out now. However, it doesn't matter since it's gonna rally big time anyways with all those crazy horizontal sweeping attacks it can do.
Still in my first play through (haven't seen Gehrman yet) and I've just picked up a lost version in a dungeon? Also it will allow me to only buy the lost version in the message bath. I have finished every other aspect of the game though?


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If you haven't obtained the normal version from defeating Gehrman, then you cannot buy it yet.

This rule applies to all non-DLC trick weapons. If you haven't obtained it yet from getting the badge/finding it/getting a special version from a chalice dungeon, then you cannot buy it from the messengers.

For DLC weapons, you merely need to obtain the normal version first in order to be able to purchase both the uncanny and lost versions of that weapon from the messengers in the chalice dungeons.
Is it any good for a strength build? I have 35 vit and 45 strength with 15 skill and 25 endurance BTW I'm lvl 90
Not really, it scales more with skill. Use Hunter's axe, it's not the same but similiar.