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I'm having trouble figuring out how to jump; Currently working on a early blade of maria...
Sadly,our hunter,that can kill horific monsters,cannot jump.
actually if you move the left stick forward and press R2 you will do a jump attack which can be used ike a jump to jump across things
Does anyone know the controls for molotovcocktail?
You need to select it as a consumable item first. Done by adding it to your quick items using the options menu, then press down on the directional buttons until it shows next to your health & stamina bars. Once you have it selected you just press square. Best to lock onto your enemy using r3 first though
man Its very easy. you lock on the enemy then switch on moltov and press X
Press pause go to empty squares at the bottom press x. Next Press x on molotov then it will be equiped press square to throw them.


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Sorry am new to the game and how do I damage my enemies can't seem go get attack work
When it will be released on PC ??
The game is a Ps4 exclusive, and won't be realesed, on any other media.
How to throw knives plz help
So watching walkthroughs of particular maps, noticed the player was able to Block with the Kirk’s hammer and Holy sword. Do tell!!!... can’t figure out the controls to do so