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Is it effective against him?
Does it work on the small spiders and how big is the radius?
it doesn't
Short form:(for details see below)
• Lock onto him
• Dodge to the right side, staying as close as possible. (right from you point of view)
• Hit him once or twice with a long weapong
• repeat

If you use the right tactic he is very easy and just a matter of time and patience. Thank you to whoever wrote the "dodge left"-tactic because this finally brought me the kill after trying for like 2 hours.

Just focus(or lock-on, whatever) the boss and all you do is you run towards him and dodge to the right(from your point of view). Dont fear him, his left(from your view right) side is like a blind spot. None of his attacks can hit you.
If done correctly you will now stand behind him. And have a short timeframe to do whatever you want to do. I used the Hunters Axe in 2h mode to damage him, but I'd recommed to just hit him, no charged attack. In case you lost some life you can take a vial or (if needed) an antidote.
I used the white-church-set since it had most poison resistance for me. With this i could just ignore the poison-aura because he will leap away anyways causing the poison to flow off.

Sometimes he will be too far away to hit him after dooding, but since you take no damage you shouldnt care about this and just continue. Slow and steady wins the race.

(by the way this was how i did it in the chalice dungeon, but i guess it should also work on the "real one".
Whoops. I thought this was the blood-starved-beast section. Stupid multi-tabbing. Sorry :(
Just to point this out since its the key point: Dont wait for him to attack until you dodge. Run towards him and dodge. I'd call that "agressive dodging".
Includes the werewolf guys, the werewolf-guys-with-weird-ass-mouths-that-open-sideways and even the Beast possesed soul boss in chalice dungeon. Gonna try testing it on other "beast" type bosses. Hopefully it works on Blood Letting Beast. ***** his falcon punch.
Never worked for me either, i died so many times to BSB playing around with these eventually gave up and just killed em never tried em again. tried throwing them just behind him, in front right at his feet far away nothing. I just wanted to try doing the kill in a YT vid i saw posted here but no joy
This thing has never worked for me
That werewolf-guys-with-weird-ass-mouths-that-open-sideways are Loran Silverbeast i think
If they became the beast targets that would be interesting
if you're sure then add it to the article! it is a good tip
Works on sages in chalice dungeons
Could an invader use a **** to lure some nasties onto the host?
Does it work on roms spiders aswell and if yes, how big is the radius of attraction?
This item works, to great effect, on the Blood-Starved Beast.
I tried using them on the bloodlickers in front of cainhurst castle and it didn't seem to work. It landed right next to two of them and they ignored it entirely still coming after me.
Despite her obviously being a beast, it does not affect Vicar Amelia
Doesn't seem to be affecting Loran Darkbeast for me..
Basically, use this on BSB and darkbeast, and nevemore.