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Yolo, not sure if it's on here, sorry if it is, but try the reiterpallasch and cannon. Parry with the resalknvf;casdmf;ocj lrkegn'io <-like why the ***** they name it that??? and then shoot them with the cannon. Massive damage for anyone decent at parrying. Tons of fun :D
Errrr... I'm French, and Reiterpallasch is DEFINETLY not French. Sounds more German or otherwithe Central-European. But not French.



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It's German for Calvary sword
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It's French, also doesn't mean anything in english. Read it in syllables and avoid looking like an imbred.
Oooo the dude who said it was French got put in his place like a little bietch. I mean that original reiterpallash comment is true.
Four syllable words are tough, hunh?
Its foreign so yeah its hard for someone who doesnt speak the language to pronounce smartass
Someone should start on some DLC builds! A Beast Claw hunter build would be nice. I can not because only wiki members can change it so please don't say "do it yourself"
Never mind, I was wrong, wrote my build down the bottom. here is a Beast build that Peeve peeverson uses throught NG+ and Glyths will Vary from fight to fight
Thinking about a late medieval Knight build, Main stats vitality and strength. any suggestions as for fashionborne or stats or weapons?
yes some went into battle with waraxes so the hunters axe would be good with amazing rally potential it should help you to take hits and dish out damage to get that health bak
Cainhurst armor with iron Yahargul helm, Executioner gauntlets and Cainhurst legs if you want a medieval look. Weapons would be any swords, Ludwigs or moonlight or rifle spear or chikage or Rakuyo. Knights went into battles with swords and spears.
Has anyone tried to think up a build for just the regular unarmed. I mean it has one of if not the fastest charge attack in the game
Unarmed damage hard caps at 30 strength and 30 skill
There aren't enough style options for us Fashionistas.

Kinda hard to play pretty when there's only one dress.
I put my lady in the knight set for maximum flair. Cause I don't give a what about clothing stats, I pretty much never wear a hat either, thought the knight's wig is still pretty fly.
I want to start a build with Whirlgig Saw and Beast Cutter, but i'm a noob when it comes to BB and the Souls series in general. I wan t to know can I make a build with these two weapons and if so how would the stats look like?
same as above, 50vit, 50str, and what else you want to put in the rest of your stats :)
To add to this, i can get my stats to there, but what would be a good level to stop at for PvE? I feel like going above 100 would lead to not too many co-op opportunities.
In my opinion if you start out with that build strength and endurance is the most important due to how I'm currently working with the Amygdalan Arm and Ludwig's holy Blade so I can dodge quickly but counterattack just as quick. My sidearm is usually the cannon but I use the hunters pistol as a disguise to surprise my foe >:3 .
Depends how far you wanna go with your level but cap strength at 50. And put lots on vitality and some endurance for that transformed whirligig l2 and transformed beast cutter
Co-op above 100 seems to depend on the situation/area/boss. I'm 170 something and I don't get to help much unless it's with guys like Laurence or Ludwig, where your specific build might cause trouble with a boss's attack pattern. In general, higher levels are meaningless; once your main stats are levelled to 40 or so (50 max) the difference between winning or losing seems to be down to personal skill.
Basically I used the Yharnam hunter outfit with the constables pants and old hunters gloves and Hunters hat with the base stats of Vit-29 End-36 Str-32 Skill- 27 BloodTinge- 20 Arcane-25
Some basic all around goodness that will get you through the entirety of the game if you play it right and my main weapons are-
Saw Blade +9
Hunters pistol +8
The most basic of weapons due to the simpler the weapon the easier they are to use so I was preet set for that and my hunter looked like a Present time hunter almost in my eyes. My arcanee is used for the magic enhancment spell so my atk does some magical goodness to my weak willed foes (Cept Ghernam........lets not talk about that) The Saw Blade doesnt take up much stamina and for my runes i used them all during various situations demanded from me.
If you like the set aweosme if not well.....i'm not posting this in the build set!
i am at lvl130 now
Vitality 50
Endurance 50
STR 50

Bloodtinge 7
Skill 13
Arcane 10

So what to do next ? have I made something wrong ? I feel okey so far with the enemies expect for some bosses
Bump bloodtinge up to 20 if you want to ensure decent damage from a gun to most enemies. And id push skill to 20 as well. If you want to get to 15 arcane you can use beast roar which ive heard is fun.
I have this crazy build and its a lot of fun to use , so u need hunters Axe and blunderbuss , but blunderbuss won't be used much, use the hunters Axe in its longer form and it deals crap tons of damage
Why there isn't a build called "Clint Eastwood" that focuses on Bloodtinge with Evelyn in one hand and the Reiterpallasch in the other on this page? ***** writes itself, someone get to it.
Quality stuff right here ^
Clint Eastwood would definitely rock the old hunters top hat, 100% . Probably Constable pants cuz they look like some jeans or slacks, not like other weird Bloodborne equips. Maybe Old Hunters garb or Decorative old hunters garb to give that Wild west look.
Quality stuff right here ^
It's your idea. Get to it
The highest priority is creating his likeness in game, naturally.
Lets all get to it.
Papa G's hat is a better fit