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By Anonymous
Do these special damage types remain for weapons that are converted to Arcan/Fire/Bolt?
By Anonymous
Yes. It’s an extra damage from these weapons (in certain states) regardless of type of damage (physical or elemental).
By Anonymous
I don’t think it does additional +20% because I tried several times who are weak against this weapon
By Ayroth
Does the Church Pick really count as serrated AND righteous?
By Anonymous
Yep. in both forms.
By Anonymous
Yes. It may not be the flashiest, but got-damn is the description "highly practical" highly accurate.
By Anonymous
It's thrust attacks which means every transform attack and some untransform attacks have a 20 percent bonus against beast
By Anonymous
Crazy how many people still misunderstand this. Serrated bonus works against any beast. Righteous only works on enemies of the church which is mainly just vileblood creatures.
By Anonymous
Righteous its soo useless apparently
By Anonymous
^But the church weapons are so much more badass
By Anonymous
So the dlc weapons are included but not the bosses? Really? It's not even that complicated. It's just first phase Ludwig and Laurence. It would take like 2 seconds to edit.
By Anonymous
It's a community wiki, you can edit it if this info is important to you.
By Anonymous
Does the damage bonus still work if you use an elemental gem on the weapon?
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By bolalar
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yes, same with "righteous" damage bonus.
By Anonymous
@bolalar, thanks, good to know if I ever do an arcane build run!
By Anonymous
Ludwig is weak to this in his first phase
By Anonymous
I’m pretty sure he isn’t
By Anonymous
Yes Ludwig does suffer more damage in his Horse 1st phase.... Also Fire Papers deal more overall damage to him when buffing the Weapon rather than Bolt Paper ( Which means he's a Beast in 1st phase )
By Anonymous
Ludwig is a Beast in phase 1, but is not considered one in phase 2. All his resistances also go up in phase 2 as well.
By Anonymous
Should also be considered that Ludwig the Accursed on his First Phase ( Horse on all-fours ) applies the Serrated Bonuses , and also Laurence the first Vicar since he's a Fiery Cleric Beast technically... So that should be helpful , Plus the Church Pick is the only Weapon in Bloodborne that has both Righteous & Serrated Bonues within both Forms aswell as 20% Bonus Damage.
By Anonymous
The pick has both damages in normal and transformed mode?
By Anonymous
Using and abusing this on top of fire damage is how you absolutely dominate beast enemies and bosses. Their healthbars melt so fast. Add in beast blood and it's even faster.
By Anonymous
add in vs beast gems too and there is no hp to even exist
By Anonymous
This wiki is really inconsistent the righteous says the percentage of the damage while serrated
By Anonymous
They all add 20%. It says that up in the description