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This weapon is way overpowered and has basically no downsides except for low Attack Value (which is deceiving).

- Most hyperarmor in the game
- Second best range in the game (probably tied with beast cutter)
- L2 hyperarmor and 1000+ dmg
- Increased I-frames (not a joke either)
- Dash R1 stunlocks every time
It takes very little skill to use this weapon.
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At least say each way u have to own the *****ing weapon


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You should be using two weapons though, so it's not really mutually exclusive.
I think this guy is just salty. Fellow arcane builds should know that though this weapon is good, the Holy Moonlight Sword is significantly better with high arcane.
^What are you trying to say?
At least say each way u have to own the *****ing weapon


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Its not something everyone can get OP in, this only applies to builds with high arcane. Im not sure what April 2 guest meant, but I think he meant that you have to defeat the Orphan, and finish/ have the dlc to own it, so not every arcane build can take advantage of it.
Your normal fists have S scaling in both strength and skill, so I'm wondering if the arcane damage is added, or replaces this physical scaling?
pretty sure it replaces it
Honestly, I never thought I'd find a weapon more hellish to deal with than the Rakuyo, but I've been proven wrong. This is the worst weapon to use for PVP, it's absolutely no fun to use, and most players just exit the game to not waste time on you. It can insta-kill with hyper-armor, and the range is just too much. If you wana have fun with PVP, master an actual weapon, not some OP-nightmare.
it's very fun to use for a start
it's very fun to use for a start
Someone sounds frusturated
The true tragedy here is that Iosefka's Alienize-Yharnam quest doesn't change / get altered if you speak with her through the door with this equipped. Sadly :(
This thing is a boss killer.
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because I would rather get it before I do the dlc content on my arcane build
yep, you need regular version before you can get uncanny/lost
can you still get the uncanny and lost versions of the weapon if havent beaten the orphan of kos or do need the original, the wiki says there are ways to get them without having the normal version?? halp
Not for the DLC weapons. You have to have the original from the game for those, then you can just buy the uncanny or lost version at the messenger baths that are in the chalice dungeons.
On NG+ the crazy movements of the tentacles meant I was constantly hitting the Cleric Beast's head, leading to easy staggers and viscerals. I haven't tested on other bosses, but I'm betting this is great for easily hitting large bosses' weak points.