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By Anonymous
FOR ANYONE THINKING YOU CANT GET BACK ONCE U LEAVE, U TOTALLY CAN. All you have to do is go to the second to last gravestone in the hunters dream and as long as you light the lamp you can go back to hypogean. If you dont know where the second to last gravestone is, go up the stairs following the gravestone that you normally use to get to and from lamps. Hope this helps because it took me a bit to figure it out. I just KNEW they wouldnt keep us from going back ESPECIALLY if theres loot and stuff like that there
By Anonymous
Just realized other ppl had replied to when ppl asked if there was a way back. Still kinda new to this website so didnt realize i had to click to see replies. Either way hope that all helped.
By Anonymous
I-I think I might have ruin this,I decided to go to dark beast parl without getting the other lamps and I ended up defeating him and I can’t get up back to here,I even tried getting killed by the snatcher again with no success......please tell me there is a way to get back up there ;((((
By Anonymous
just go to the tombstone in the hunters dream that you use for yharnam and select graveyard of darkbeast
By Anonymous
You do know that you drop off a ledge to get to Paarl... right?
By GalacticShellder

Let's say I end up here early via snatcher, open up all the available shortcuts at the time... Will they still be available even after Rom?
By Anonymous
Yup. They'll keep open. Actually I recommend doing that
By Anonymous
Yes they do, the only thing that disappears is the initial lantern.
By Anonymous
I forgot to activate the lamp here. I can't get back.
No, it's not on a different gravestone.
No, Snatchers don't take you back, you just die.
If you, say, rush Darkbeast, but don't activate the lamp on top of the stairs, it seems like there's no way to get back.
By Anonymous
how did you get back to the hunters dream? you can't do that without a lamp.
By Anonymous
@Anon number 2 "If you, say, rush Darkbeast, but don't activate the lamp on top of the stairs, it seems like there's no way to get back." There's your answer, bosses just like in DS3 always drop a lamp once you kill them.
By Anonymous
After defeating Blood-Starved Beast, in addition to the Snatchers that appear at the bottom of the Cathedral Ward (travelling downwards from the Workshop), there's a Snatcher that appears just beyond the Cathedral Ward lamp (turn right at the bottom of the stairs); being killed by it is also a valid way to get the Gaol.
By Anonymous
Last thing I remember before ending up here wads rolling doubles 3 times in a row.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Think of this all like a bad dream, it will be over soon, Hunter.
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By TheMasterSwordMaster
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sorry i was under the impression that dying was a bad thing. "sucks to be you, you didnt die to this one specific enemy thats in one area of the cathedral ward, try again next game!"
By Anonymous
You end up there anyways later in the game and the drops stay the same, you just don't get them earlier than you're supposed to. And considering how hard the snatchers hit, ending up in early Yahar'gul is not hard at all, even if the way you get there is a bit weird.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Confirming that dying today a snatcher after killing Paarl may work but only if you haven’t touched another lamp. I warped back by using the Paarl arena lamp, and now dying to snatchers only respawns me at whatever lamp I have used to spawn. Unfortunate miss in the wiki.
By Anonymous
Oh my god autocorrect. Dying to* not dying today ><
By Anonymous
Maybe you should read the Old Yarnham section that doesnt appear to unfortunately miss your claim?
By Anonymous
so how many of you were actually pwned by the kidnapper and ended up in jail?
By Anonymous
Me... Just now. First time playing
By Anonymous
When I first encountered him, I was confused and thought maybe he was another friendly NPC. So I ran past the normal enemy with the White faces and got absolutely destroyed by both of em at once lol.
By Anonymous
Is there anyway to revisit Hypogean Gaol again(pre Rom)? I left the map without reaching the lamp on the main hall and straight to dark beast instead and now can't teleport back to it and the snatcher won't take me ...Am I screwed?
By Anonymous
Die to a snatcher again. It should re-kidnap you.
By Anonymous
Idk how you left? I died multiple times in the basement to snatchers and beasts and i would respawn in the cell that the snatcher originally transported me too. I couldnt leave hypogean gaol without touching a lamp first. It frustrsted me. Sorry i cant help. Check the third grave stone in the dream. The lamp for hypogean gaol is there not in the first one.
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