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If you leave this area via the lamp, how do you get back? Or can’t you?


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Funnily enough, you get back there the exact same way you travel to every other lamp.
Same as any other lamp, it's just on a different gravestone.
How do you get to use that elevator after goin outside past the two snatches guarding the moon runee going to the left and following the path ?
Yea I wanna know too
You can't right away, during this stage of the area. The elevator leads up to another part of Yhar'Gul that is only accessible during the Blood Moon phase after defeating Rom. When you can access the whole of Yahar'Gul instead of this small subsection, you can come back and take that elevator up to open a shortcut back to the start of Yahar'Gul
I was transported here via snatcher the first time, but after killing the darkbeast paarl i was unable to access it again via snatcher. Is it locked now or am i just missing something?
You need to go to the Hunters Dream, there you will find a headstone that has the location. I think it's the third one, it'll say Hypogean Gaol.
I did same thing killed parl without lighting the lamp. I can't get back there either I found parl too quickly.
On one of the awakening stones. not the main one,
I got taken here at level 29
same here but at level 23. I looked this up because i thought i teleported to a late-game area because of how strong the enemies are :/


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Snatchers can still easily two shot a hunter with 40Vit they can be parried, which makes them easier to deal with. they also drop Twin Blood Shards albeit rarely.
Not uncommon for many players to get sent there earlier than even lv 29
Hi so I'm Lvl 37 I got Killed by the Snatcher near the cathedral ward; I then collected dôme stuff after getting beaten by the ennemies there and I just used the lamp so I can continue. The problem is that I want to return there So I can talk to the Nun, but none of the snatchers want to send me back there and there doesn't seem do be any lamp to awaken into, what should I do? :/ I didn't even go that far in the game.
Nevermind actually, I just read some comments below ans the answer was that the teleport was on another gravestone. Thanks though!
For those asking: If you die or leave the area before activating the lamp, you wont be able to get back until after you defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider.
This comment proves you don’t know what you’re talking about and haven’t even tested it yourself.