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as *****



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Um, I don't see anything wrong with the bio, especially with a rude comment like that.
Unoriginal name really, all you did was name him Father Gascoigne but put it backwards.
If you downvoted because of the bio, you will never be a Raven.
I down vote because of the bio. Seriously. Set your computer on fire, hurl it into the sun, and go live out the rest of your life as a luddite. It's the only way to atone for this particular sin.
Would downvote again if i could
lol. The people of this particular wiki are such miserable *****s. Every comment section here, has a bunch of people talking***** to each other for no other reason than to be *******.
This isn't my kind of build, but thumbs up for Nineball.
Heh, the picture looks like Abraham Lincoln except that his facial hair is greyer and his expression looks like he's staring at a secretary that told him that no, he can't just (POLITICAL COMMENT) all while he's dressed like a chevalier pretending to be a nobleman pretending to be a idiot.