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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

why the hell doesn't this page have the chalice dungeon stuff? that's awful
Why is this page incomplete?



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What are you referring to? you can add yourself to the page you know :)
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Fexelea you fixes this ***** now
Fexelea you fixes this ***** now
Wikifoolya is more like it.
Since i can buy twin blood stones for insight, if i collect 10 chunks, can i buy chunks for insight?
I have 27 insight but it still says the messengers arent there why?
new patch lets you buy chunks for 30 insight
you can't ever buy chunks for some stupid *****ed reason
How do you unlock weapons?
Nope, no chunks at 99 insight.
yes u can
It has to do with your progress maybe I can buy twinshard in my first run but in the second i couldnt
Insight only makes the church dudes angry and frenzy resistance less
No, I am on NG+++ with 55 insight and still don't have the option for chunks. Later tonight I'm going to use my madman's knowlege to hit 99 and see if that changes anything.
I have 21 insight and more items are now avaliable, they dissappear when I go beneath 20. They are blue elixirs, lead elixirs and beast blood pellets. Maybe you can buy more stuff with higher insight..?