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Musical walkthrough: look for 'bloodborne ost ludwig church organ' and listen to how powerful Bloodborne music sounds on a church organ!
By Anonymous
Just got game for free and spent good while creating character . right off the bat the Game doesn't tell u **** an throws u in against OP werewolf that cant beat. uninstalling
By Anonymous
you are meant to get killed by the werewolf at the begging to introduce you to the hunters dream :)
By Anonymous
oh theres also notes on the floor that tell you the controls for the game if you turn right when you first spawn into the dream
By Anonymous
You can beat it first of all and obviously you have never played a souls borne game.
By Anonymous
This game is obviously not meant for you. Shame all souls games are ****ing amazing!!
By Anonymous
Get Gud!
Killed that guy on every run through with my fists.
I loved the Dark souls games and I continue to love this game.
You got it for free, and did you think since this game has had a lot of things said about it I would've thought you'd look at some reviews or even a basic walkthrough to understand you were meant to die. And again you got it for free, why complain unless its not a basic game for you to run and smash through.
But oh well, shows that you don't have much patience or dedication to be a good player, unskilled and a whiny kid that comments like that and instantly uninstall it.
Just shows you cant deal with anything when the going gets tough.
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By Anonymous
Beware troll.
By Anonymous
You wake up in the dream we’re you get weapons that help you kill him because he’s low hp… but Sence your such an **** then delete it because the game ain’t easy.
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Yrrrrrrghhh git gud
By Anonymous
i heard there was a spider boss and my friend wants to know when he will meet it ( He's not into spiders )
By Anonymous
Its an optional boss you dont really have to fight him
By Anonymous
It is NOT an optional boss. You will fight him about 2/3rds of the way through the game after jumping into a lake
By Anonymous
Most disgusting boss
By Anonymous
Why does this have downvotes? What's wrong with people?
By Anonymous
As you progress through the game is the game going to stop giving you the 20 blood vials each time you warp in and out of an area? My game just started this tonight and I'm not sure how I'm suppose to finish the game this way. Seems like a glitch. Btw I'm in blood moon hypergoul area and have finished off the three hunters thus far.
By Anonymous
Your stupid
By LunarDrift
Check your storage in the hunters dream and make sure you've still got bloodborne vials there.
By Anonymous
Your Blood Vials come from additional vials you have in storage. When you have 20 already and pick up any more they go to the Hunter's Dream instead of your inventory, so you've been building up a stockpile you're unaware of. Every time you warp from the Hunter's Dream, your personal storage maxes out from your Dream Storage.