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By Anonymous
Found another lost saw spear on glyph 5sxfkxmh on layer 2 the area before the lantern.
By Anonymous
This weapon also appears to be used by the gattling gun hunter in the cave byt river of blood. That hunter also wears charred hunter set. Not entirely sure but I think this saw spear is preferred by hunters that are somehow related to Djura or powder kegs.
By B3hr
The Powder Kegs, while technically their own group, were initially part of the Workshop class of hunters. The difference is that the Powder Kegs were considered heretics in the eyes of the normal Workshop hunters because of their choice of weapons. Essentially speaking the Powder Kegs liked things that go boom, whereas the normal Workshop hunters preferred weapons that were impractical and more for causing painful and slow executions rather than quick and merciful endings.

The way to think of it is this: Everyone started with the original Workshop, introduced by Gehrman's Burial Blade. Some hunters liked more steampunk-themed weapons and formed the Oto workshop, which eventually became the Powder Kegs, whereas the "traditional" Workshop hunters hated new and improved weapons and decided to stick by the books (although they eventually refined their own weapons as well, like in the case of replacing the Beasthunter Saif with the Saw Cleaver/Spear that were more effective at ripping beasts up). So even some of the Powder Kegs still wielded weapons from the Workshop because they were technically part of the Workshop at one point, but in the case of the Gatling gun hunter, it's pretty clear that he used something the traditional Workshop hunters would've hated on.
By Revenitor
I think the split may have been influenced by the original Workshop's desire for discrepancy and subtlety that's been extrapolated from the lore, whereas the Church Hunters and the Powder Kegs were more ostentatious, with the former even going so far as to recruit citizens to join the hunt. Perhaps it's the inevitable result of realizing that the Beastly Scourge was too much to sweep under the rug, but things would never be the same again, so it would seem. I wonder what Yharnam would be like if the Hunt had remained a secret, and the beasts could be contained?
By Anonymous
Almost, but not quite. The saw spear can only be bought after getting the saw hunter badge, and the lore on that badge talks about "those who have dedicated their lives to hunting beasts" like a Workshop hunter but even more so. There's also a line in the saw spear's lore saying "a trick weapon commonly utilized by those who have dedicated their lives to hunting beasts" versus the saw cleaver, which only states "commonly used by those in the beast hunting business", implying there's a difference between a Workshop Hunter and a Saw Hunter, like those with Saw badges are more elite than a "typical" hunter
By Anonymous
How is the scaling? Does all get up to C/B?
By Anonymous
Code: 7apnpjn7
By Anonymous
I created a Central Pthumeru Root Chalice dungeon with Fetid Offering. First one I ever made. Layer one pre-area bonus room had an Uncanny Saw Spear in a coffin. Layer three I found an Uncanny Threaded Cane in the same dungeon. Glyph code is 7r564exx if anyone is interested.
By Anonymous
Which would be the best if I'm planning on putting all Fire Gems in it?
By Anonymous
Just a suggestion: Use this with with a physical build and just buy fire papers. Way higher damage output. My build: Cursed Heavy Abyssal Blood Gem (Str goes to A rating, if I recall correctly), 27.2 Cursed radial, 27.2 waning. = Normal version (note: have not tried going for 2 Cursed STR scaling yet, as the physical might go higher due to the additional damage added by STR)
By Anonymous
Cursed Heavy Abyssal is +65 STR scaling, so yes, it does give a lot to lower STR rating weapons. I think, 1 cursed heavy is good, though, if you want it to go S in STR scaling, just farm the +27.2 from the watchers. (Saves you time from the gut wrenching RNG drops of headless bloodletting beast)
By Anonymous
^wow it goes to A scaling? looks like ill have to farm 3 of those gems now lol
By Anonymous
^update, it goes to S strength scaling with the +65 gem, just got one today
By Anonymous
If you're gonna make a Fire Saw Spear get the Lost Saw SpearUncanny Spear is used for Physical builds not Arcane
By Anonymous
Depends what shape your best fire gems are! If you've only got an abyssal fire gem thats a waning shape then the uncanny version probably not as affective since it has 2 radial slots and a triangle
By Anonymous
Oh, forgot to say, the other 2 gems i have on the weapon are 27.2 physical gems.
By Anonymous
Yep, forgot to correct that. Its not that much of an addition to damage, but hey, i'll take whatever adds damage XD. Btw, Cursed Heavy Abyssal works great with Amy's arm, or any weap with a possibility to get an S rating when equipped with the gem.
By Anonymous
Dungeon is Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root, and the glyph is: 3ukjayjk The Lost Saw Spear is in Layer 3 of this glyph's dungeon. There is also an Uncanny Rifle Spear in the side room before the first boss, Layer 1. Happy hunting!
By Anonymous
Can someone provide a glyph for the lost version that is actually still active? I keep getting expiration messages at the ritual altars.
By Anonymous
Never mind, found a working one.
By Anonymous
"At 99 Strength, Skill and Arcane the Saw Spear+10 gains 193 physical bonus" does this actually happen on every weapon?
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