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By Anonymous
When I started Bloodborne I thought I'd never get past Gascoigne. This was the weapon I was using when I finally killed the bastard.

The Saw Spear rules!
By Anonymous
i'm gonna do a skill build when i get bb, should i use this? it seems good and considering most people think saw cleaver is good and some people say this is better, i'm not sure. played all the souls games but seen nothing of this so... i dunno.
By Anonymous
You can get both the cleaver and saw spear shortly after starting the game so get them and compare movesets.
By Anonymous
May this weapon strike true; may it be wielded with wisdom; may it be put down when its job is done.
By Anonymous
Statswise, it seems obvious that the spear is the better weapon with its extra gusto to arcane builds/thrust bonus etc, but from an experience standpoint, in speaking to transformed mode - since standard mode is nearly identical between the two, I always felt that opening horizontal r1 of the spear (feels slow) didn't feel as good/effective/satisfying as the cleavers transformed r1 - and to take it a step further, that the entirety of the transformed cleaver moveset always felt more effective and intuitive - and I to me, thats the balance between these the spear/cleaver
By Anonymous
Saw cleaver slightly less popular cousin in law.
By Anonymous
And practically speaking, there's no reason it should be less popular. That extra length makes it arguably a more effective weapon in some situations.
By Anonymous
I just think it's so wild that you get two of the best PvE DPS weapons in the entire game in the first 20-30 minutes of play time. That is something very unique about Bloodborne compared to other FromSoftWare titles. I see people in like NG+ 2 using the Cleaver as their main weapon and it's still doing good damage. I personally think the SS is the better weapon out of the two because it does serrated damage in both forms unlike the Cleaver, and I think the SS has the better moveset with the R2 thrust, but it obviously depends on your builds stats. And I do miss the Cleaver's funny flattening attack with the follow-up to the charged R2.

Basically, more Strength focused, Cleaver, more skill focused SS, but in a quality build, even if the Cleaver does slightly more damage, I still think the SS wins out because of the moveset and the advantage to doing the bonus beast damage in both forms instead of only one. And that SS R2 thrust attack and really deal good ranged damage and severely punish enemies weak to thrust attacks. But both great weapons, great game, and bloody hell am I happy I finally got a PS5. Cheers.
By Anonymous
All the weapons in Bloodborne are god tier, they just need to be put in good hands.
By Anonymous
Well with only 20 weapons you have to make them all viable from the get go.
By Anonymous
That's been the case with other souls games, best pve dps weapon in DS3 the sellsword twinblades are starting equipment lmao
By Anonymous
Wit the DLC, twenty-six trick weapons. Plus sixteen for the left hand. Seems like a pretty generous list compared to most games.
By Anonymous
At +6 the transformed R2 staggers and 3-shots shaman in upper cathedral ward, no stat requirements. It's definitely worth upgrading to deal with dangerous kin.
By Anonymous
Nice weapon, been using this exclusively during my first playthrough. I like the moveset a lot, seems very versatile to me. I'm building 50 Skill 25 Strength, based on the caps in this game I think that's the optimal build. Damage output feels solid, even without great blood gems.
By Anonymous
Still the best running r2, just a workhorse of a moveset
By Anonymous
Carried me from the beginning up to Gehrman. Never failed me, always did the job. I only changed it for the Burial Blade.

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