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I've been farming this *****ing thing for 2 hours
Someone might want to update this page to have the correct information associated with the picture... The intro information is all copied from the gauntlets with the exception of the item name...
Item Discovery 515. Killed this ***** 30 times, no trousers.
The Evangelist Trousers go well on a female character along with the Chain Armor body (on the female version, the arms are similarly grey and textured compared with the Evangelist Trousers): the rest of the Chain Armor set, the Helm along with Leather Gloves, likewise fits together well. Practically speaking, though oddly enough, the Evangelist Trousers give a nice boost to Strike Absorption (for a low weight) which the chain set is otherwise weak against.
The strike absorption of this thing is insane for such low weight. Best trousers with the Faraam armor.