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By Anonymous
Can’t wait for the elden ring dlc to really make the whiners cry
By Anonymous
they cryin yet? or did you find out, elden is way too easy.
By Anonymous
Well someone just posted on this very page complaining about the ER bosses so yeah still crying
By Anonymous
This mf has the same screams from peppino from the indie game pizza tower
By Anonymous
What do you do about the flurry attack?
I can't dodge away. I can't dodge to the side. I can't pay in-between the hits
By Anonymous
Nevermind I got him
By Anonymous
So I'm trying to parry him, and I admittedly suck at employing the mechanic, but at this point I'm not even sure I understand how it's supposed to work: If I shoot him while he's in the middle of an attack, and he ends up staggered as a result, is that not a successful parry? Because I keep doing exactly that, but his attack still lands, so he's staggered for a couple of seconds, but I can't do anything about it because I'm on my ***. Shouldn't a successful parry prevent his attack from happening, much less from landing?
By Anonymous
It doesn't negate the attack. So you're a tiny bit late, maybe. Which is SO frustrating, I know.
By Anonymous
It tends to happen. It’s gotta be mid attack but sometimes the attack still goes through and you don’t have enough time to get back up. You’re doing it right tho. Just game mechanics
By Anonymous
Some of his moves need to be parried within a couple frames. Fire too soon and you'll get whacked because he wasn't in a parry state yet; fire too late and he'll keel over for a parry, but you'll trade and be stunned too long to act
By Anonymous
That's why yo mama dead. Dead as hell.
By Anonymous
When the orphan does its lightning attack you can backstab him right before he stops screaming and use the visceral to dodge the lightning
By Anonymous
Me and some random person in co-op beat down on orphan so badly he didnt get the chance to go into phase 2.
By Anonymous
An advise, when Orphan of Kos jumps to air and your camera automaticly lock off, count to 3 and then dodge. You won't get hit. This is 2nd phase only attack so good luck.
By Anonymous
Does anyone else have a much easier time dealing with the dumb baby's second phase than the first? Or am I just weird? Every time I do this fight, it takes several attempts to get through phase 1, then I almost always hitless his second.
By Anonymous
Yeah same. A lot of his attacks will just miss you I only died to his 2nd phase like 3 times
By Anonymous
unlock camera to time rolls on sky attacks is like souls 101
By Anonymous
No wonder why his mother is dead, have you seen the size of the blade he's carrying... Must not be very safe to have this inside your belly...
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