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By Anonymous
This guy was pretty tough, but definitely doable. As has been said, use augur of ebrietas. 2nd phase has a good opening for a visceral after he does the leap into air and slash forward attack. The only thing you really need to watch out for in his 2nd phase from my experience is his poison ball toss attack where he leaps over you and throws them down where he lands. You want to dodge INTO him BEFORE he crosses over you, as that is a safe way to escape the range of his toss when he lands. That attack is deceptively dangerous, as in NG it has killed my 35 vitality character from full health multiple times due to me attempting to dash away from him after he passes over.
By Anonymous
Wasn't as hard as Ludwig, but that second phase is pretty ridiculous. Almost seems too reliant on RNG, as he can either attack constantly and give you no openings to hit him, or he gives plenty of openings and the second phase isn't that bad. At least it wasn't as lazy as that **** Laurence.
By Anonymous
Alright, in this 7 year old game if you are running a pure arcane or skill build I got a little tip for ya. Auger of ebrietas or however the **** you spell it. I was running a 70 arcane build, and just dodging behind him during one of his long combos and getting a free backstab made this fight a joke. During phase one doge left and back, and during phase 2 when you get unlocked roll forward, quickly turn around, and if he did the annoying *** ball throw then he will be in position for an easy backstab. If you run outta bullets, simply transform some of your health (up on d-pad) get another backstab, and you got it all back. Still took me a few tries, but was way easier when I didn’t have to time my pistol shots to get a visceral attack. Good luck any of you hunters who still struggle with this fight, and may the good blood guide thy way
By Anonymous
Funny how he’s strongest against arcane
By Anonymous
He looks like if Scp 096, and 106 had a love child
Also, I noticed that fleshy organ thing he wields, resembles a crescent moon, and with the moon being a major theme in Bloodbourne, it can’t be a coincidence that it looks like that.
By Anonymous
i would leave him alive to be honest its more evil to leave him to suffer without his mom i know everyone here is like this
By Anonymous
Ook has singlehandedly slaughtered millions of newbies, have gamers smash their controllers/keyboards, and thousands of blood vials. I should go further then just live him to live, I whould make sure water splashes his *** every time he takes a ****, his shirt gets damp every time he wears a shirt, and constantly have oily, itchy skin for the rest of his life.
By Anonymous
Just beat him on my 1st try, technically my first try, the previous 37 didn't count because I wasn't even trying tbh and my frame rate dropped to 56 fps and idk how you'd expect me to play the game like that.
By Anonymous
@ArcaneHunter_89 Relatable.
By Anonymous
Haha his mom is dead.
By Anonymous
im also guessing the hunters family is also dead
By Anonymous
Once your own does, go read this comment again and end your suffering
By Anonymous
did it dawn on anybody that the orphan was born the moment we enter the arena yeah we are murdering a infant yay killing babys
By Anonymous
I swear officer, it was self defense
By Anonymous
Death to the eldritch child
By Anonymous
i feel sorry for him his mother was mudered and now hes all alone no wonder hes angry and wants to attack you he just lost his mother
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