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By Anonymous
I just want to share my experience with this boss as it was pretty unexpected.
Prior to doing this boss and any of the DLC content, I had done all of the chalice dungeons content.
The chalices were awful. Literally awful. This Cursed and Defiled Chalice can go die in a pit for all I care.

When I went to this boss, I was expecting to suffer immensely as friends and most people sold it like a nightmare and a massively difficult fight.

I beat it on my first attempt with 14 blood vials left (had 23 at the start from the Caryll rune).

So I'm here a little confused. Have I been reborn into fire by the chalice dungeons? Is this boss being a little overhyped?
I mean, compared to the difficulty of the Watchdog of the Old Lords in the Defiled Chalice, this guy was relatively straightforward. He has no attack that can one shot me, which I appreciate in a boss, and dodging constantly to the right makes it mostly unable to hit me.
It's a cool fight but I don't think it's the hardest fight in BB and definitely not in all of the FS games. Isshin the Sword Saint (Dark version of the boss rush) is probably the hardest boss in any FS game.
By Anonymous
The best way to put it is this: The chalice dungeons are there to make you suffer. The only reason to truly do them is for the play or if you like to delve into madness. I will say orphan is still a painful boss yet going through the rest of chalice dungeons was something so put off in mu first playthrough. Once you face that darkness you are reforged
By Anonymous
Really easy explanation, the dungeons offer incredibly difficult challenges that reward you with experience in killing bosses often put in small arenas, a boatload of blood echoes and the strongest blood gems the game can offer so the answer is pretty straightforward, you were overleveld af.
By Anonymous
Would you guys say he’s harder than Gael?
By Anonymous
when he said "AWAuGaGGgH GaAAAaAgH YOOOOOOOOOWWWW" I felt that.

Jokes aside, probably my favorite boss fight in the game. So much fun to trade with him. My heart was racing
By Anonymous
I'm still impressed how I litterally had enough of Lawrence that I didn't beat him, died many tines to Ludwig and Maria, even a few to Living Failures and... Killed this mofo second try. And at first I had to open the door so wasn't paying much attention. Really weird, but I take that
By Anonymous
Laurence was way harder. I beat Orphan third try. It took at least 20 for Laurence. Why is Orphan is talked about more?
By Anonymous
Orphan took me 27 tries. I beat Lawrence on my third try. I honestly think it depends on how you play.
By Anonymous
The most exciting boss in the game!!!
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my biggest achievement in life is knowing that i beat this dude on my second attempt with no help, that was my peak, my prime, now, i am nothing
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how did u know!

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By MatinArtorias
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When he screams I just panik and shoot him then he gets accidentally parried and I do a visceral attack.
Most panikful fun fight I've ever had,yet it was hard
By Anonymous
Be wary of comments, so to speak skill issue ahead
By Anonymous
Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.
By Anonymous

therefore no skill ahead
By Anonymous
mf came straight out of the womb throwing hands, why couldn't I do that.
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