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By Anonymous
I watched my gameplay from 2018. It took me dozens of tries. In my memory it was so epic and I felt skilled. Looking back I panic rolled into his attacks and took it straight to the face, topped off every time I got hit, and in general flailed wildly with my attacks. Goes to show that even for inexperienced players like myself, great boss design can make you feel powerful when you finally beat them. RIP seaside crack baby
By Anonymous
After many years of thinking I couldn't do it I did it with an axe on NG+ and I didn't even realize I was on NG+, which must be why he hit like a truck while I was level 130.
By Anonymous
Tbh, one of the most overhyped FromSoftware's bosses for me. Back in 2018, when I was playing through BB DLC after hearing opinions of other people I prepared for S tier boss and I found this - mid tier boss with annoying moveset instead of fun fight. And ever more sad thing is how that garbage is overshadowing actual amazing, S tier boss fights in BB, like Gehrman and Lady Maria that are fights where you have 100% fun and sometimes are you even sad after beating them, because amazing fight is over.
By Anonymous
My first fromsoft game was Bloodborne, beat that screeching placenta on 7th try, 70 arcane and a fire saw spear with augur work wonders on that mf
By Anonymous
not a villain just a scared lost alone grieving child that needs to be set free from its pain
By Anonymous
Crazily enough, this boss gave me much less **** than a few others and I beat it in 15 tries. He was kinda scary so I just assumed he couldn't be parried. I noticed he has a sort of informal phase between the first and second where he chains more attacks together and it felt like some attacks came out quicker than at the very beginning, but those could just be similar attacks. In his second phase his hitboxes get wonky towards his left side, so you can just walk around in that area right next to him and keep playing aggressively while waiting for stamina. It seems that the carpet bomb move is a punishment for not staying in his *** because I only saw it once.
By Anonymous
beating him at level 62 sure had me pissing all over his dead mommas corpse lmao
By Anonymous
This was one of those bosses I struggled with. Bloodborne was my 2nd Souls games after Dark Souls 2 and is completely different. When I finally beat Orphan of Kos I jumped out of my chair, fist pumped and yelled "Yeah! F**k you motherf***er!"
By Anonymous
i don't care what bosses elden ring dlc comes up with, this is still the best boss in fromsoft history
By Anonymous
Midir is still the best.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
And if you seek vengeance
All you need are instruments of pain
By Anonymous
But beware
For when you quench your blood thirst
Others will seek vengeance on you
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