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By Anonymous
with +10 pizza cutter, beast blood pellets, bolt paper, and some gems i farmed from winter lanterns before the boss i managed to kill him before phase transition. I was very much overleveled tho, because i also did chalices a lot which gave me enough souls for 41 vitality 33 endurance and 50 strength but still it feels great to destroy a thing that caused you such a headache before
By Anonymous
Baby boy.,.,,, Baby boy. Baby
By Anonymous
This is what happens when you smoke when you are pregnant.
By wolf7288
when my wife gave birth to our first child, I had a ptsd flashback to this boss. I instinctively dodge rolled through the table knocking my wife into the floor. I picked up the IV machine (my trick weapon of choice) and drained my entire stamina bar on the newly birthed orphan. unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I could not I-frame the police officers' taser and I'm now serving a life sentence. truly the Dark Souls of child births. My child did not make it. Nightmare Slain :3
By Anonymous
Hold up if you're the dad and you kill it it was never an orphan
By Anonymous
he's an orphan because clearly the father disowned the child the instant he saw it
By Anonymous
Ahahaha this was by far the funniest thing I've read on any of these wikis. Cheers for the laughs!
By Anonymous
he beats you with his moms meat
By Anonymous
Man just thinking about the Orphan fight theme makes me want to play through all of this game again. Best boss and best music
By Anonymous
I tried different tactics. Visceral attacks looked good for the first few tries but I found out that I'm not good at it. I wasnt able to be consistent because half of the time I got no parry when I thought there should be and in a lot of cases I did parry but he hit me & killed me anyway. I tried fast weapon and aggresive style but once i was close to him in the 1st phase he just started spamming attacks like he had no stamina bar.

So in the end what worked for me was to use 2H Ludwig and try to trigger his jumps - when he does it dont dodge but just run a bit forward, turn around and do a charged attack. If he doesnt jump, learn how to dodge to the right, hit him once and back off. Patience is the key. Try to stay in mid-range otherwise he will start throwing sh*t at you. I tried to not waste potions in the 1st phase. If it didnt go well and I lost a lot of HP, I just let him kill me and tried again. Phase 2 is hard. You need to be brave and stay close to him and try to run behind him from the right side. Once he screamed for electric attack I just checked my HP, made sure I have 100% and let the wave just hit me because it took a bit over half of my HP and I gained time to hit him. If he jumps just dodge a few times, once he lands just lock on him and quickly get close again.
By Anonymous
“Smash or pass”
By Anonymous
in that case, Chris Hansen may wanna have a word with you
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bro thinks he is in a serbian film
By Anonymous
Just beat the dlc for the first time and man, what a ride. The bosses were so cool, but not as bad as i thought theyd be(not overlevelled, just parried maria and orphan to death). Im happy to have been born at the right time to enjoy souls games
By Anonymous
It's weird that he's not Kin, I wonder if there's a lore reason or if it's just an oversight. I think there's a lore reason because he bleeds red, while Kin bleed white.
By Anonymous
Orphan is the child of a real great one (kos) so he is a real great one who bleeds red. Kin I believe are people who have turned into great ones. Think of Rom. They were presumably human before Kos granted them eyes and ascended them. Same with celestial emissary who was the result of the churches experiments to communicate with great ones.

Of course I’m no expert on bloodborne lore.
By Anonymous
Ah I see, I always thought Great Ones were just powerful Kin, I didn't realize the distincttion Thanks!
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