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I love it, the real final test to a bloodborne player !
his intro cutscene makes me really sad :(
I was expecting him to be a giant, but I was surprised when I finally saw him lol. I thought he looked tiny and kind of harmless, but I was clearly proven wrong when I finally got close to him.
After 3 days, i finally did it. My arms were shaking when i finally beat him, 4/5 attempts after getting him to one hit from death and dying.
Easily the hardest soulsborne boss, and maybe in any video game, i ever fought.
I remember seeing someone else fight him and thinking, "This guy doesn't look too bad." Which I now use as my example as why I'm a bad judge of difficulty. I lost count on the attempts, I just new it took a few weeks with a handful of breaks, but I beat him. I sorta hit that zen state where my body was moving before my brain was. I got, like, 4 parries back to back. I don't even know how. I've only recently gotten okay at parrying. During the fight I was saying, "I can't believe I got one, op, there's anoth-, I wasn't even close, how did that one count?!" Not that I was complaining. Then he was down to his last 1/8th and I was out of ammo and only had 2 vials. He pinned me in the corner and I swear I saw god. I don't remember the rest, but I must have staggered him long enough to finish him. I don't think I've ever been that excited. But my cat was pissed because she was the nearest thing I would hug. Either way, I'm never fighting him again. I very well might frenzy if I do.
Congratulations! I’m stuck on him now but getting closer I think.
Tell the story when you beat him! I can't wait to hear it!
I am so frustrated at this boss I actually want to cry. I've killed it multiple times before but just can't do it anymore. I hate every single thing about this boss, he has so much health, so much damage, combos go on forever, huge sweeping attacks in phase 2, and keeps exhausting my blood vial stash. Whose idea was it to force the player to farm blood vials, and then make it so there's no convenient way to check how many you have without going back to the Hunter's Dream and sitting through multiple loading screens? Also, the audio for this boss fight stresses me out, the screeches are so shrill and borderline painful to listen to even on low volume, and short of muting it (and therefore losing all the audio cues necessary for gameplay) there doesn't seem to be a way to tone them down.
That sucks dude. It might help to take an extended break. I know when I try to force my way through a tough fight I tend to get worse with every attempt. It took me 6 months to beat Sekiro and that's due to several month long hiatuses. In the end, if you're not having fun, or it's stressing you out this much, it's not worth it. I hope you feel better soon.