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By Anonymous
Killing him on NG+ gives 177,900 echoes - just did it
By Anonymous
Just beat him first try, whilst on Ng+ not sure how just R1 spamming and dodging a lot, had 2 vials left
By Anonymous
omg first try u must have such a big peepee bro thanks for letting us know
By Anonymous
Got a lot easier once I started using the gun on attacks with the "big" screams
By Anonymous
First try, solo. Lightning came about 10hp from one shotting me. Never thought I'd get cardio from a video game. Jfc he's fast
By Anonymous
omg first try and solo?! u must have such a big peepee man thanks for letting us know
By Anonymous
I had a lot of trouble with this boss until I realised something: The whole encounter is designed to punish you for trying to get *away* from the boss. You're not fighting the Orphan, your fighting *its weapon*. The Orphan itself can't hurt you. Dodge towards the boss, stick to his back and you'll have a much easier time.
By Anonymous
A hunter is never alone.
By Anonymous
those undead guys in the chalice dungeons look a lot like a mini version of this boss, anyone else see it?
By Anonymous
Imagine if they put him in a cursed dungeon lol
By Anonymous
he’s so cute
By Anonymous
His phase 2 is the one part of the game where I habitually use the Old Hunter Bone. Really helps to avoid his rain of... uh, purple whatevers. And when he lunges at you from like 40 feet away.
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