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beast blood pellet hit his mob to get max beasthood than just beat lliving crap of the boss
I kill him at fist try (alone) and without too much difficult.
I've not finished the game yet but this is the easiest boss as now, the one after that is way more difficult
Yes. Cosmos daughter of Satan is not a joke.
Whirlgig Saw + Celestial emissary = Cakewalk
Life + celestial emissary = cakewalk
I want to believe.... that somewhere in Isz, you can find a wandering giant Celestial Emissary.... So far no evidence, but the truth is out there.
Just because this boss isn't hard to kill, don't forget that Celestial Emissarys hit like a truck,
You don't need to tell me twice, third time now and I keep getting killed because he knocks me to the ground and I get swamped.
So did I understand that right that this thing was the master project they hoped would help them making contact with the great ones?
this was probably the easiest fight I've had in any soulsborne game. Just used my fire hunter axe+6 to whittle away at the boss's health, and then when he begins transforming, two charged hits from my Holy Blade+8, and the fight was over. sort of dissapointed i didnt really get to see all the phases since i beat it first try
there's nothing really to his initial encounter. find him in the chalice dungeon for a proper fight
4-5 shots from tiny tonitrus will annihilate him from a distance
went there with a +10 rakuyo, dead in 8 blows ...