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When I used my Blades of Mercy the first round the boss kicked my ***. My +9 BoM was like a pea shooter against the celestial mobs. But my +7 Rifle Spear wrecked the goobers. Can anyone explain why?
I believe Thrust type attack do bonus damage against kin type enemies (basically all otherwordly creatures)
I believe Thrust type attack do bonus damage against kin type enemies (basically all otherwordly creatures)
The only boss i managed to solo!
I dont think it's a easiest boss in the game :-D. There are some bosses, which I killed at first try (f.e. Cleric beast, Father Gascoine, One reborn). This blue su*kers killed me when I try it for first time. I accidentally rolled to some corner between stairs and pillar or something, and i got stucked between wall and rushing celestials, so they bitc*slapped me to death :-D
The Witch is the easiest boss in the game. The Emissary at least has reach that might fool the player the first time they fight it. The Witch just has an obvious gimmick.
I don't know, with the wrong equipment, the witch can OHKO you with her blast attack. Granted it's massively telegraphed, but still.
Good job, it's by far the easiest boss in the game.
lucky buggers. Im playing without internet connection so the whole game has been a solo campaign for me
I solo most of the game. With exceptions to the midwife.
Depends on build. Some bosses are a nightmare to face because they counter the kind of build you have. Bloodtinge builds don't do great on bosses you can't stagger.
first time i played it, i soloed all of it.
Basically, just dodge into his attack until you're behind him. Hit him a couple of times, rinse and repeat. However, be careful, when he shoots arcane barrage (yes, that's a WoW reference), you may not be safe behind the big pillar in the middle of the room. I sat there just waiting for him to finish and it went right through and almost KO'd me. I was like WTF? After that, I just kept on him being aggressive, dodging his attacks and swiping away. Bolt paper is also effective.
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I'm not saying I feel robbed, but this was pretty easy. Threaded Cane with fire gems, and I dealt with him in a good fifteen attacks.
Yeah. Amy's Arm +9 crushed the mobs in two and the boss in a handful of attacks. Not a terribly difficult boss.
A cannon that's only +3 and bloodtinge of 20 does roughly 400 or more points of damage to him at close or mid range. Once he was in his second phase I just shot him twice. The pay off isn't great for me since I'm perked around gaining blood echoes and health from kills but at least this boss was easy. So the way I see it is a crappy boss for a crappy reward is equal (just my opinion).
Mine was +6 with 10 bloodtinge, also killed it with 2 shots in phase 2
The boss and mobs are weak to thrust attacks so using ludwigs holy blade transformed R2 i was able group up the mobs kill them in one to two hits then spam R2 on the boss to kill in about 2-3 mins
Took 10 seconds to kill.
Well I mean it was a small child before it was turned into this thing, so...
Step 1: take out Celestial Mob
Step 2: do a charge attack and stun him
Step 3: do a visceral attack
Step 4: quickly get behind him and repeat step 2 and 3
Step 5: victory
Doing this will basically kill him before he transforms.
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