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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Heres the weapons shown in the trailers so far:

A simple looking Spear which looks like it can be thrown.

A Straight Sword with a thick blade similar to the Broadsword.

A Sword which can be buffed with what looks like dark magic (hard to tell if greatsword or str sword)

An Axe used by the large knight with antlers.

A Greataxe with a shockwave-like weapon art used by a different antler knight.

A variant of the Torch (or possibly a weapon art for it)

A Scythe with frost properties.

Did i miss any?

I thought the straight sword part you mentioned looked like a Gladius or some sort.



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Nice summary! :D Let's hope this page fills quicky for release :D
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Didn't that dark magic sword thing look similar to the cleric's candlestick? If it's anything like the cleric's candlestick, then the boss that's using it is going to be a gigantic joke.
13 Days! I would sacrifice my first born child to have the DLC to come out today!
I'm so looking forward to picking up that Placeholder, looks like it'll be the new meta.
A weapon which is sword/gs/ugs/axe/greataxe/hammer/greathammer/fist weapon/katana/bow/crossbow/reaper/halberd/spear/curved sword/curved ultra greatsword/dagger/thrusting sword/greatbow/stave/flame/chime/talisman is actually pretty op
Here's things (as in equipment) I'd love to see:
A bunch of new fist/claw weapons with more unique movesets, like Andre's gloves with his DS1 moveset as an example -I think fists are a lot of fun.
Some kind of weapon that's all kicks based -I know it's impossible since weapons are equipped to hands, but I would love to see it (and that Gundyr kick).
More frost weapons, I really like the frost/ice weapons and would love to see at least 2 or 3 more -4 or 5 if they bring back the ice weapon(s) from the DS2 DLC.
A bladed whip, whips get like no love (which I can understand why) and I think this could be interesting to some people.
More dual weapons, preferably without the usual spinning weapon art attack.
The bone fist and puzzling stone straight sword from DS2's DLC. (I know that is more or less the first thing I said, and that the stone sword was like a bladed whip, but I really want the bf to return and loved the moveset for the pss.)
Some ice/frost based spells.
More reapers because I think scythes are freaking awesome and need they need a lot more variety -the great scythe isn't even listed as a reaper.
Twin blades, I'd love it if they brought them back.
A parasol/umbrella -bare with me- it could be a slice/stab weapon that could also have a silver cat ring ability and a parrying weapon art with your L1/LB acting like a (weak) shield. (By going based on the period/technology I can say that umbrellas wouldn't be out of place.)
Ice arrows -as a consumable.
A bladed crossbow, it would mainly have a dagger move-set and its heavies would just fire arrows.
A Kusarigama because I think it would be a badass weapon (and for those who don't know it's like a small scythe with a long chain and a tiny weight attached).
A cane with a hidden blade, I just think it would be cool if there was basically a staff with the katana stance weapon art.
Some cooler looking staffs -not saying that all staffs are bad, I just want some cooler looking ones.
Some red armors I want something like a dark/stained color because, fashion souls and, I like red.
The Vanquisher's Seal ring, it was awesome being able to kill with your barehands and how it weighed less then a caestus.
And finally -possibly my most underwhelming wish for DLC- more plain hammers, I only like 3 hammers in the entire game: the blacksmith, Smough, and great wooden hammer. But most of the time I limit myself to blacksmith because it's faster than Smough's and the wooden I only like because it looks comical to me, but I do like hammers so I hope to see ones like Shao Kahn's war hammer or the one used by Marvel comics Thor.

So do you like my ideas, possibly even share a few of mine? One of the reasons I ask is because I want to know what other fans/people would want to see out of DLC.
Interesting ideas. Most of these are bit too bloodborne-y, but I like the others.
Hope they bring back this fantastic weapon from bloodborne(or something similar like a paired dagger and sword)
is a short bow that scales with luck...
I want one with a good weapon arte... or bleeding arrows at least.
Cooler twin weapons (twin great weapons maybe?) and cooler scythes...with good weapon arts preferably...
I want a great great Hammer ! i miss you demon great Hammer , yes i dream...
Idea for a weapon Red or White steel Katana with a length longer than the Chaos Blade but shorter than the washing pole. Black and Gold hilt. Now just need to come up with a name and lore.
Im pretty sure we have enought katanas in DS3...