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Am I the only one who thinks they got the melee Merciless Watcher and the Watcher Chieftan the wrong way around. As the one wielding the cleaver has more health in my experience and is more dangerous and has unique gear compared to the other 2.
I've always felt that way too.
So have I
Just discovered these guys can be poisoned as well. Took 3 poison knives to do it.
Burial Blade Scythe Charged R2 will send them flying.
Challenge; Pinwheel was even easier. Phalanx was also ridiculously cheesable with fire. But, anyway, these guys are way too easy.
"easy" lmao say that when you fight against them in depth 3/4 in a compact room.
Can't be parried, either.
im in a depth 3 or 4 dungeon and these guys aren't so easy anymore


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Whoops...didnt log in when I posted that :)
Pro-tip : R2 charge attack with extended axe will interrupt their melee attacks which makes this fight much easier.
Also : if you get close to the gun wielder for long enough he will switch to cudgel.
they can really easily be parried and pretty much one shotted with a visceral attack.
Can't be poisoned in Lower Pthulemu. Just pumped 10 poisoned knives into one of them and it did a grand total of 18 damage.
These bosses are the easiest "boss" ever xD
Fought these guys at lower pthumeru(depth 3). Used the pillars as cover from the gun wielding one, parried the melee guys using blunderbuss, then do visceral attack. They should go down quickly.


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Whoops...didnt log in when I posted that :)
Also, the transformed version of the Hunter Axe R2 will stagger Lower Pthumeru, where you fight them in a small room w 4 pillars, this was useful for me a BL4 cheers
This guys are tough in Lower Pthumeru dun, the room is comparatively small and they'll easily crowd you and pound you to death. Not to mention the article exaggerate their slowness because they are nowhere that slow especially when crowded even that slow attacks will be your death.
Lol just beat them on my first try in lower pthumeru dun :P
need help farming this
lvl 30
Whenever I die against them my blood echoes disappear, I can't get them back.
This dungeon sucks.
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I always get the 2 melees to follow me around pillars where the gunman can't hit you, charge the transformed Rifle Spear before they start their attack animation, and the hit stuns the one you hit and sometimes hits the second one. Then just spear charge the gunner, because his shots miss if you're close (as you should be when you stab him in the gut), and when he pulls out his club just do the same thing as you did with the two melees.
An upgraded Flamesprayer can take these guys out very, very quick. Haven't died once in any encounter with them using it.
I think that those guys have the same health as the enemie version
It's also very easy to interrupt their attacks with a firearm to open them up for a visceral, it only takes two viscerals on regular NG to kill each one
Of course on the one with the blunderbuss it doesn't work as easily, but the physical attacks are very easy to interrupt
You can visceral the blunderbuss. While he is aiming, strafe behind him and do a charged attack (presuming your weapon is fast enough).

You can also parry his lantern attack. Hit him a few times, and he will try to smack you away.
Use charge attack burial blade... easy