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By Anonymous
Any suggested armor for this boss??
By GreySkale45
Never really understood this guy's deal outside of getting stunlocked and occasionally puking on you or shooting a blood thing for middling damage. Even at 27 Vitality, there's just not much challenge if you play fast and aggressive. Across multiple builds (Basic quality, Gun, Arcane), One Reborn just eats it and dies without much of a fight.

Or, as the message I found in its arena with 500 ratings put it: "Pitiful, really." (Gesture: Shake Off Cape)
By Anonymous
it hits really hard is about all it has going for it... and some nasty stunlocks... but if you have the dps to break him, by this point you can EASILY have a +9 weapon, he's pretty easy
By Anonymous
10/10 intro cutscene
2/10 boss fight
By Anonymous
Am I doing something wrong? I beat him twice already, both on different quality builds no sweat. Now I’m playing on a str/arc build, and I barely do 200 dmg and for some reason his ground poison attack can kill me from across the arena
By Anonymous
You probably figured it out but the boss has high arcane resistances and slightly higher blunt resistance. Use the steps on either end of the arena (just the small but wide ones, not the spiral staircases) to dodge puke, but expect some damage unless you really get down his tell.
By Anonymous
Is this thing supposed to deal so much damage? I keep reading up that its easy, but I get caught in something like its puke and end up dying very quickly, everything takes out at least a third of my health bar.
By Anonymous
Beat it by hitting the middle with the two human legs sticking out, best strategy despite the design of that portion giving off the impression, at least to me, that you're not meant to be doing that. Anyway died to the puke at the end and then got two shot by dogs on the way back to get my echos, thank christ my headache had passed before this.
By Anonymous
highest single attack damage excluding 'execution' moves and Flora's "Death Gaze"
By Anonymous
Oh you can go up there and kill those ladies, huh? Whoops, killed him without realizing. Which was satisfying in it's own right, enjoyable fight. Killing the ladies might have made it too easy.
By Anonymous
Honestly this fight isn’t that bad. I think it gets too much hate because of the disgusting design.
By Anonymous
This game is supposed to be disgusting. Along with those mosquito spider things make me gag.
By Anonymous
Here's my theory: the mensis ritual's purpose is to create bodies for great ones of the nightmare to puppeteer. Obviously the snatchers are kidnapping people and bringing them to Yahar'gul so they can be integrated into these amalgams. The only great ones we see outside of nightmares are lesser Amygdala, Ebrietas, Rom, and the Celestial Emissary. Rom and the Emissary are "artificial" great ones of sorts as the Emissary was created by the Choir and Rom was born at Byrgenwerth. Ebrietas didn't ascend with the other great ones for whatever reason. However, Amygdala seems to exist in both the waking world and the nightmare, with the lesser Amygdala providing passage into nightmares. My guess is that Amygdala is supervising the ritual in place of the other great ones as she is the only one who can commune with the great ones of the nightmare and observe the ritual in the physical world. If you look at the living string description, it describes the brain of mensis as rotten. The brain also looks like a giant amalgamation of heads and eyes with some random appendages sticking out at various points, very different from the 2 other great ones in the nightmare, being Mergo's nurse and Amygdala. It's possible the brain of mensis was an earlier product of the ritual which is why it's completely immobile and unable to defend itself when dropped into the pit. Anyways, that's enough insane rambling from me.
By Anonymous
quite literally the worst bloodborne fight by far
By Anonymous
Heh, Just wait for micolash
By Anonymous
30 May 2021 15:17
What you mean? Micolash was a cool fight... Only in terms of lore and boss design
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