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By Anonymous
Either we didn't fight the same boss or Bloodborne players are some of the most pretentious sweats in gaming history
By Anonymous
what is the boss weak to, its hard to beat its my first play through.
By Anonymous
It’s lowest defenses are against physical, thrust, blood, and lightning.
By Anonymous
*Takes off Amygdala head* Forefathers one and all, bear witness!
By Anonymous
I'm on my first playthrough rn going in blind! let me tell ya this boss was horrifying but I beat it at level 50 with only 10 blood vials on the first try, I had no idea you could kill the chime maidens or that they were healing it.
Can't wait to fight another
By Anonymous
Honestly finding this fight way harder than amygdala, BSB or Amelia.
By Anonymous
My greatest shame is dying 7 times to this....
By Anonymous
Eh not really offbrand for them to put an easy boss after a tough level. Look at all of world 5 in DeS, Iron Golem in Ds1.
By Anonymous
Insanely swag music
By Anonymous
Such an unfun boss. Dude literally does almost nothing and lets him kill you, his limbs do no damage, the only “threat” that he produces is the slime, which is still easily avoidable. The devs, knowing all this, just make npcs shoot at you and heal him, which is as simple as going up there and killing them.

Everything after killing Rom has either felt lazy, or unfair. About to go the nightmare of mensis, hopefully this changes.
By Anonymous
He doesn’t know
By Anonymous
Was running around like a madman being chased by the 3 hunters and the entire areas mobs trying to find where I needed to go. Stumbled into this guys arena with 7 heals and no idea wtf was going on lmao. Was down to 4 before I killed the red hoes. Not excited for this run back, but I’m sure I missed a shortcut or something lmao
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