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I slayed him just today one more time, and somehow it made me thinking... May this resembling to Orhpan of Kos? Just look at this. Looks like him (I mean that part of the body casting things, screaming). And right after him is Micolash, who were praying to Kos. So, we killed Orphan of Kos (or someone did before us), "reunited" him with the sea that "takes everything". I guess "everything" was corpses, many af (look how many drowned ships at the coast). We dispel his spirit/soul into the sea, and some part of the dead got it's pieces. That's why he's in that form now. Besides, there was a lighthouse. Lighthouses come with bells that indicating where it stands (besides the light). A beacon. Witches with bells played the role of this beacon, indicating where he should be. Aaaand here we go: Reborn means "born again", come back to life. Someone had to die before. And I see only one option with all these guesses. It may be barely readable, I'm sorry for this. English is not my native language, and I tried to match these thoughts just minutes ago and while I write this. I may be missing something tho, feel free to destroy this theory.


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Aaand yes, I forgot to login before posting this one.



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Do you mean he is Kos reborn? 'Cause the Orphan's alive (more or less) when you kill him, and you can kill him after the One Reborn, not to mention that he's optional anyway. I think being Kos reborn is a possibility, or it may be another Great One entirely. Perhaps being reborn from corpses is his thing, hence the epithet "The One Reborn". Perhaps he's Bloodborne's version of Nito, essentially representing the God of the Dead. Another possibility is that "One" should be "Ones", and is plural (as Japanese tends to leave the number of nouns ambiguous as the default), and so it is simply the sacrificial victims being "reborn", as some sort of twisted rite of salvation by Mensis or the Bell Maidens. My favourite is the Nito thing. tl;dr I don't wanna destroy your theory, just mention that there are many nuances and possibilities to consider, so we can't really say anything definitive.
two words. Whirligig Saw
Old Hunter Yamamura is also up for summons on this one. If you have completed Hunter's Nightmare, at least. I found this out whilst on NG++. His summon sign is behind a carriage, by the tower with the ladder!
This says back off immediately when vomit flood comes, that’s bull*****. It covers the whole floor! Run up the stairs to avoid
It only covers the whole floor when it's low health


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I killed the boss at the same time as dying.
I did too just now:D
I believe the bosses name is an innuendo to what it is. My theory is the boss is made up of ALL the victims of those abducted by the college of Mensis and sacrificed. Anyway, “One Reborn” can also mean “Reborn as One.” Everyone sacrificed has been reborn as a single living entity. Anyway, I’m HP Lovecraft lore, the old gods delight in sacrifice, especially human sacrifice and I suspect that was the prime reason the College of Mensis was kidnapping people.
I think my fight glitched, because I basically just glued myself to his side and hacked away. Every time the maidens hit me with anything I wailed on him to get my health back. I kept expecting a massive AOE....but... I figure it was either a bug or my boss RNG was insane.
Same happened to me but I used cane in whip mode so maybe I was to far from him to trigger air attack.I also realized broken legs thins so I switched sides and he was stunned thrice because of broken limbs. Honestly even cleric beast was harder fight.
Same thing with me. Ludwig's holy blade, when I saw how slowly he moves I went for a charged attack; from then on I just kept spamming attacks on his side until the end.
Same here. The only time it even hit me was once with it's legs when I first started attacking it; and I was glued to it's side for almost the entire fight.
Yup, this is the ultimate strategy. No point in doing anything else. I didn't even really have time to see what he looked like other than the side of it's fat ***.


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Maybe it was just a bug but the one AoE he has has a pathetic range so
Theres actually a glitch in one of the towers that you can use to take him out. What you do is stand at the top, and he'll kinda lunge at you through the wall. Back up a little, hit that body part, and repeat. It takes time but it works like a charm, and you dont need any special gear or anything. Just watch out for the falling corpses. And of course, dont forget the chime maidens, otherwise you'll be there all day. I can explain it further if need be. Just thought I would give a helpful tip.
fun fact: the "one" in the name "the one reborn" refers to the FPS you get in this fight
consoles lul
Alright, so I beat it on my first try and after looking at these comments, I was confused cause not once did he use whatever the vomit move was. I also didn't know you could kill the chime maidens. Either it has something to do with the maidens, or I was just the luckiest Bloodborne player today.
I also killed it on my first attempt. Was so focused on hitting the crap out of it I did not even realise the maidens or any of the boss’ special moves...
Well the boss is basically a giant punching bag anyway