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R1 spam and there you go. Easy AF, even on NG+6.
The One Reborn... The First of The Dead, the Great Dead One reincarnated. It's not a coincidence some of the enemies in this area leave behind pinwheels on the ground upon death.
Pinwheels? Where???
No, bloodborne is not connected to dark souls, this is not a reincarnation of nito. Fromsoft themselves stated that bloodborne is it's own standalone thing. Anything in bloodborne that is similar to dark souls is merely just them using old tricks, or putting in Easter eggs.



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Being standalone does not preclude characters from being spiritually reincarnated, much like Patches. I mean, heck, the player character is basically the same archetype as in Dark Souls, so why couldn't other things be related? Now, it's definitely got it's own lore and setting, but the characters feel pretty familiar at times. Also, do remember that Miyazaki left room for the player to make up their own story. So, he could be Bloodborne's version of Nito. Especially if you want him to be. PS: I also think Oedon is the Old One from Demon Souls. Take that how you will. You don't have to agree.
so you believe everything fromsoftware tells you?
Bloodborne is obviously the ahe of humans
Damn it, why do all the cool bosses have to die so soon...
I just used the Beckoning Bell and a cooperator came. I summoned Defector Antal, and charged in (team of 3 people). The player and me attacked the Chime maidens while Antal was dragging attention from the One reborn. We eventually gang-banged the boss (Antal still alive) with Bolt weapons, pretty easy since each player gets a weak spot from the One Reborn. But that of course, needs online play...
Good to see the game has plenty of people online to play with still.
At the Advent Plaza go towards the building with the members of school of Mensis, on the either side of the entrance you can see weird statue like things some partially covered in cloth. The structure and general design of those might hint at them being failed attempts at creating the One Reborn, as according to Darkbeast Paarl description, the school of Mensis tried several times to create a Great One.
So Easy! As long as you can summon Defector Antal to distract The One Reborn while you take out the Chime Maidens, and then whale on it together. Back up when it throws a tantrum and you're good!
don’t go bragging about a boss being easy when you used summons on a normal sl...
kill the pyromancer *****s then finish him off, put flame/bolt on weapon and use vial when his blood attack thingies hit you. too easy.
i could've done this fight in my sleep rofl.....
lol, all the thumbs down on this comment is hunters who had a hard time with this abomination
The reality is that the thumbs down are because OP is bragging about beating an easy boss.
Epic Music
Charge up the tonitrus, stay under the torso and beat his meat. Go to the stairs to heal/avoid aoe attacks. Second easiest bossfight.
He didn't even aoe me this boss was so easy it's laughable