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By Anonymous
My personal favorite enemy
By Anonymous
She jumped into the ceiling and then fell out the map. Not a great win for me but I'll take it, was struggling a lot.
By Anonymous
In defiled chalice take a fast weapon, runes for visceral attack and be very aggresive. Hit her twice and shoot her in her face with Blunderbuss. It will open a chance for a visceral. Do it, walk towards her and start hitting her again while she tries to stand up. Repeat for an easy win.
By Anonymous
Extremley effective, thank you.
By Anonymous
It isn't a hard thing to keep track of: boss Keeper is a woman, the mobs are all dudes.

↑In a previous comment it was written
How do you know the boss is female and the mob is male?
By Anonymous
How do you know it's a woman?

The boss variant is female, while the enemy variants are accompanied by dogs are men.
↑ what does that mean?
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