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I wish I had poise like these fellas..
From pls



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Same man, same.
Fun fact: These guys are *****s.
Any tips on how to parry the greatsword variants?
Parrying can be accomplished as soon as the parrying item makes contact with a light attack hitbox. You have to find out which of his attacks are the "light" attacks to accomplish this. (I think Its the second swing on the overhead swings and the faster of the horizontal swings) I count out the different steps the knight goes through to swing at me in his different attacks, and look for the moment at which the sword would make contact with my player model.
i want to swing the sword like they do its so cool
PLEASE put the drops



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These guys are the proof of DKS1 poise still exists
He doesn't drop Large Shards only normal ones, killed about 20 of them and only got normal shards. Not sure about titanite Chunks though since the yare marked as extremely rare.
I got one to drop a large shard. It was the one guarding the lift in the Consumed Garden.
Unfortunately, the armor that is dropped is the one worn by those in the cathedral. There are no Lothric variants of the armor/weapons. I was really hoping to get the blue cape armor plate for my STR/FTH build ;(



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There's a mod you can use on Nexus that changes the set to the Cathedral Knights in the Consumed Kings Garden. However, you'll need iGP11 to change the textures in the game.
The Irithyl Straight Sword seems to make short work of these guys thanks to the frostbite damage.