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By Anonymous
Hey everyone,

Although it seems the item is rare but useless - I just hit a random chalice with the Ring of Betrothal in the L3 big chest / side room upon lowering the elevator. I opened the dungeon and the Glyph is dtfn462g feel free to head down there. The 7% lake def buff is on the second level but my memory is bad at the moment.
By Anonymous
Here's your Soulsborne link. This tells of an age of Great Ones, some superior beings who exist alongside humanoid superdudes and ultraqueens. Dark Lord ending of DS3 x number of intersecting universes and this is the twisted, very human result. Yet the dragons are eternal, evolving forever to survive in twisted forms, as evidenced clearly through these games. They are a good metaphor for sin.
By Anonymous
Sooooo, the only thing this item exists for is to propose marriage to an NPC who will always reject you? Why bother seeking it out?
By Anonymous
There is no reason really. Just as there is no reason to ever play the repetitive and boring chalice dungeons other than farming echoes or gems.
By Anonymous
its for completionists
By Anonymous
maybe she'll say yes this time
By Anonymous
Got it in layer 3 pthumera ihyll root using all the offerings including cursed.
By Anonymous
Surprisingly got this First try in a FRC Ihyll Dungeon. Glyph is zhaep9t4. First Bonus Area right after Seal Lamp.
By Anonymous
Pthumeru ihyll root glyph a6zfi2wa has one in the first layer.
By Anonymous
Found one at chalice 6mmdnwqn, layer 2 optional area, inside a sarcophagus. No additional rituals at this chalice, just regular dungeon, easy enough to grab.
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