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By Anonymous
Amelia is a cute name. Wish I was named Amelia. Too bad this Amelia is a loathesome beast.
By Anonymous
“Seek the old blood?” Nah, some of y’all gotta seek grass.
By Anonymous
How to cheese her quickly

You need: beast blood pellets (found in old yharnam), fire paper (given by Alfred), and a weapon with serrated damage ( saw cleaver, saw spear, etc…)

What to do: before the cutscene begins pop a beast blood pellet and use the fire paper then watch or skip the cutscene. As soon as the boss starts run to her left arm ( you’re right) and start hitting it after enough times she should get staggered and you should be able to perform a visceral on her for quite a lot of damage. As soon as you do the visceral run to her back right leg (you’re left) and start hitting it which should stagger her again and allows you to visceral her again for the final blow ( if she doesn’t die from the second visceral just hit her till she dies.)
By Anonymous
fire paper + saw cleaver = boss speedrun
By Anonymous
I actually struggled fighting her with a cane (NG) because of the low damage. Then switched to rifle spear, summoned Henriet and it was way too easy. Charged R2 does a lot of damage even on +2, stuns her every time and never misses because of the range.
By Anonymous
Vicar amelia is also very vunarable to transformation attacks.
By Anonymous
Virgin kinkshamers here…
By Anonymous
A lot of people in the comments seem to think they’re that guy; I regret to inform you all that you are not, in fact, that guy.
By Anonymous
A number of factors make this fight pretty annoying. Amelia is tanky and has a high damage output, but she also has some pretty quick spastic moves that can be hard to deal with because of her fur blocking the camera and unclear tells to begin with. Of course, the two areas available provide you with plenty of materials against her (Beast Blood Pellets, Fire Paper, materials to obtain a +5 or +6 weapon, etc) but even then she can take you out really quickly if you let up for a moment. Bloodborne is a game where you can perfect a boss by dying to it over and over until you have a rhythmic connection with it but it's also a game where you can stack every possible damage buff in the game and throw five-digit viscerals with a little prep. Find what works for you!
By Anonymous
The saddest part of Bloodborne for me was the fact that you forced to kill cool big dogs. Reading this comment section, however, showed me that there are things much, much worse that you can do to a dog. I don't know if I should be relieved or terrified right now.
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