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By Anonymous
y'know i really enjoy the concept of this fight, and mostly enjoy the fight itself, but playing on NG+ cycles really makes me dislike the fact that they gave her infinite, never-diminishing heals. like at least make them less potent over time, rather than making the fight an utter slog as you hope she doesn't decide to jump back and undo all the damage you've done in the past minute or so
By Anonymous
Numbing mist.
By Anonymous
I Would
By Anonymous
Saw cleaver + 3, a beast blood pellet and one fire paper brought her down pretty quickly.
By Anonymous
Yeah, she can't heal if you kill her fast enough
By Anonymous
why she gotta stagger me by moving
By Anonymous
Hello Pestonya Shortcake Wanko from Overlord !
By Anonymous
She gives me a Bloodborner.
By Anonymous
thats called an aneurysm
By Anonymous
Gotta love the ****ing knee and thigh hitboxes
By Anonymous
that girl that became a chimera in full metal alchemist
By Anonymous
Beat up the pregnant woman
By Anonymous
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