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She is VERY weak to fire....i beat her with 2 fire papers and a +3 hunter Axe within numbing mist or blood vials
^^ I beat her in NG++ with a +10 saw cleaver and fire paper in about 30-40 seconds it will wreck her.
What was your strategy? I have a +3 Saw Cleaver, but I cannot beat her. I get her down to 25% HP and then she wrecks me. :/
Whirligig Saw improved as high as possible and change it from physical damage to fire damage via blood gems. Just keep attacking her knees with R1 from the front and you might unintentionally visceral attack her. Beat her rather quickly and barely got hit. This was done on NG+.
just beat her in my ng+2 game using a whirlig sawl7 with the fire gems agree with you very easy way you just have to spam the ***** out of r1
just beat her in my ng+2 game using a whirlig sawl7 with the fire gems agree with you very easy way you just have to spam the ***** out of r1
Forgot to mention, just keep it in saw form.
The reason you only get access to the DLC after beating her is because she's in the Hunter's Nightmare, in the bed filled church just after Ludwig. She's praying again, at the same altar (when you raise the elevator, which then has Lawrence's Human skull). She's actually a pretty skilled hunter, so I do wonder if the Eye of a Blood Drunk Hunter belongs to her...
^^ there's two hunters there FYI the one praying looks almost exactly like her and it also would make sense there as in the real game she's praying to Laurence's (beast) skull and in the nightmare she's praying to Laurence's (human) skull.
That's not true at all. The Hunter you face in the Nightmare is wearing the White Church Set, like Iosefka, while ( if you scroll up a bit to the pics ) you'll see Amelia is wearing a shroud/cloak that is not features anywhere else in the game.True, she IS uttering the same prayer, but that could just be a coincidence as any member of the Healing Church might know it.

Also, Amelia gave in to her beasthood and transformed before being killed, whereas the Nightmare is populated by blood addled Hunters that were " taken " by it. Leading one to believe that, if turned into a beast or killed, you won't just go there. This also explains why Father Gascoigne is not present there, as he also gave into the transformation and was killed.
Here's what you can do:
I was just like some of you, I was stuck on Amelia FOREVER. I looked up and employed every strategy in the book, and none worked. And today (I can't believe I'm saying this) but I straight up PewDiePie'd her, AND IT F*G WORKED!!! It took a couple of tries, and I always got super annoyed because of all the people on the internet, PEWDIEPIE beat her second to fourth try and he said she was the easiest boss at the time!
BACK ON TRACK: What he/I did was you run up behind her, and wail the absolute ***** on her legs. Even if she kicks you away, GO RIGHT BACK. Best part is, most of the time, if you're to the right of her when she roars, she'll IMMEDIATELY lunge to the wall, giving you a first shot. I recommend using fire paper, the downside being if you die you have to farm blood echoes to get some more. 2-3 will do. I personally used a +4 Ludwig's Holy Blade. For backup/safety I recommend having 3-8 Molotovs with you, and at LEAST 10-11 blood vials. AGAIN this isn't guaranteed to work first try. It might take a couple of tries, but hey, if PEWDIEPIE can do it, so can you
Do quick weapons (like the blades of Mercy, from the crow) work good on her



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I did beat her without using Numbing Mist no problem in NG.

However, in NG+ Numbing Mist is a must.
^beat it on NG++ btw doig that.
^saw cleaver makes her a joke just killed her no damage taken hugging her legs with a fire paper and saw cleaver knocks her down quick rush up and visceral then run to her and repeat.
very lackluster boss
anyone else feel bad for her ?
^i imagined her as a big dog I didn't wanna kill her :(
Me too. I almost pitied her to the extent I kind of felt bad we had to kill her
What all should you doo before fighting nun wolf? I know talk to Eileen and do her stuff, kill DB Paarl, BS Beast and Hemlock Witch's.
Is there anything else I'm missing or is that it?
I found summoning Henriette really handy, since she draws aggro pretty well, letting me focus on the legs.
Also, she throws molotovs every so often.
Old hunter bone is really effective. Sometimes I could teleport threw her stacks and counteratack
Old hunter bone is really effective. Sometimes I could teleport threw her stacks and counteratack