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Basically Dark Souls 3 was aboard the Battle Royale train before there were a battle royale train in the first place
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Wait this isn't a mod?
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(Don't tell anyone but sl 110 seems a lot less toxic and tryhardy)
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"Where the honourable people play in ds3"

I call bs on that statement!?

What is honourable about being killed by cheap tactics.

Like getting 1 shot by a single parry when having full hp, this is quote on quote "honourable" ? Bs i call that!

Or people that only wait and bait to win. Making it a tedious patience match if nobody attacks 1st. And when you do try to attack you get instantly countered, by a parry, a backstab, by the dude hitting you back, all without even being able to do a single thing about becease you where quote on quote " impatient" f that i say to the people who play like that.

Or the bow glitch guy's. Don't even need to explain what is wrong about that everyone knows how tedious that is to deal with in pvp let alone in arena.

I hate that people play like this in arena too. Pvp isn't worth playing for fun anymore for me becease of these people who play with my patience in a game i try't to play for fun.

I don't wanna deal with these type of players anymore. And everytime i play this i get one of these people in arena too.

In pontiff it's everywhere becease of the people who gank in it. That's why they play like that and i understand that but in a "honourable match" a 1v1 using these cheap ways of winning instantly by making it not a fun fight, but a cheasey duel is just annoying more than anything else.

Why can't the matchmaking give me people who are my level in skill to make it a fair duel?

Why do i get the same people who killed me before again!? In arena!?!?!?!?

This isn't worth it. Not one bit!

It's sad to see pvp go this way, and i am truely sad/disappointed that it will stay this way in new from software games.

I am a decent pvp player, i make mistakes in battle every now and then. Having people like me fight each other would just be nice instead of fighting these type of people who do every cheap way in game to win. Let these type of people fight there type this is just so unfair.

And it just makes me wanna stop playing this game when i love these type of games greatly. :(
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Like getting 1 shot by a single parry when having full hp, this is quote on quote "honourable" ? Bs i call that!

m8 wut r u on bruv? u do know that parrying has nothing to do with honor and more with skill...

so why is it dishonorable? i guess cuz u got riposted from a +10 chaos infused dagger and the guy who did it had the hornet ring and fire clutch ring,

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How pressed are you?
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Stop thinking like a knight, and think about it like a game. This is why people use the bow glitch, and weapon swap. They want to see how far they can get in the game before it breaks. Some of these tactics are BS, but they are necessary for pvp invasions, not duels. Hosts can summon phantoms, and reds are disadvantaged, unless someone else invades in. If you hate these tactics, stick to arena duels. Even with a controller, I can still beat people with kb+m, because I found a way that works for me. Some tactics don't go away, no matter where you play, but if you want to have fun, you need to stop thinking about it like a knight with 'honor' and just learn to have fun.
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sounds like you just need to git gud
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looks like someone lost in the arena one too many times
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People that wait and bait. Instantly killed with full hp by a parry from this dude. Bow glitch guy instant killed me.

Why are these people allowed to play arena against me who is decent in pvp, and not one of these type of people?

I thought this arena was for the quote on quote "honourable" people. Who wouldn't rely on these cheap ways to win.

It makes me sad that sutch a good game that i played for so long is making me wanna stop playing it because of the people i have to face everytime everywhere in game.

And keep this in mind i am decent in pvp. Who plays pvp for fun. And this is just sad/tedious/annoying/and disappointing me. To the point i almost no longer wanna play pvp, becease of the type of players i have to face everytime.
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sumone do brawl on at least SL200 so i can actually play brawl
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By IridescentFate
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I never knew that you needed The Ringed City for 3 of them!
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I'm SL 90, what's the average soul level in the arena?
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Elden Ring Arena Wishlist:
- Available in base game and no DLC required
- More customizability for custom matches (i.e. how much estus allowed, time limit, kill limit)
- Better maps
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