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I better get my brotherhood of blood back so I can whoop these kids with the chanclas.

Those filthy casuals will have to 'git-gud' to keep up these days... No more invasions and then getting destroyed right off the spawn by a host and 3 phantoms, because i don't have a gank-spank build. Because... bruh. no.
I was literally just talking about this with my friends last night. "What if we had a new PvP arena?" I also think From should add covenant wars.
Like the one from ds1 dlc ? That would be awesome lol

Hopefully they will bring back twinblades
Twinblades that can change in to dual swords?
And make their fighting style reflect the style of the weapon. I want to do some crazy jumping spinning attacks!
Sure, give it hyper armor and insane hitboxes and was hinging pole running attacks and an unparriable moveset
Best be seeing some bigger bosses. The bigger the better.
The bigger the harder they fall, am I right?
So you're saying Gwyn wasn't a good boss battle?
Just saying but wrong page. This is a pvp arena so it is highly doubtful there'll be bosses in this arena.
Do you think the hollow arena might be linked to the Mound Makers covenant in some way?
The arena in Dark Souls 2 was good, but I like the original PvP system better. Don't get me wrong tho, I'm hyped for this arena!!!!
Those match ups *****ing sucked ***. Put some good thought on your arenas with a few ways of spicing things up and maybe some environmental effects that can occure (random fire breathing dragon that burns lights up certain and random areas of the map at random that effect the fighting field. Or a random cloud of locusts or poison that discourages mage camping.
yeah the bridge was more of a fight of 'who has more poise'
cuz I ain't rolling in that map if I can help it.
Locusts souls?
While i agree with this i must say this: Hello Satan, didn't know you played dark souls.


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Good luck with Miyazaki putting in Dragons. THEY ALL WENT EXTINCT THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO