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And a snowy pvp map? Hopefully this means Painted world...We'll find out tomorrow!
I always thought yorshka was never blood related to gwyn and gwyndolin but was adopted into the family by gwyndolin when she was really young. Also anyone find it strange that she never mentions gwynevere?
It would be cool if that snowy world was the unifinished world from Demon's Souls...
Yes and no for new locations. If they put old locations but not only for fan service, but to explore their lore a bit more, honestly it would be cool.
For Ariamis, as an example, it would be so cool to know what it really is, and who created it!
Also, it would be connected to the Dark souls 3 lore: They mentionned Priscilla, but, how did she survived? Why did Aldrich dreamt of her? Why is Yorksha looking like her?
And maybe, she is related to something else? She always remembered me angels, maybe she is related to them!
Exploring old places from past opus doesn't mean that you can't discover them again! Lore always was something important in dark souls series, and with Dark souls 3, more again, because its world is really linked to Dark souls 1 lore.

Honestly, I prefer an old location that we explore again with more explanation on its story and its origins, than a new location that has no real link with the lore of the main game or other souls.

Sure, if they do new areas with a real lore implication with the lore that already exists, that would be perfect.
But for the moment, we can only wait and see.
Ignore what i said about her not mentioning gwynevere.


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You need to quit living in the past. DS3 had enough fan service. We need new locations.


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I surely miss a dedicated pvp area
Please From don't pull off a cod on us please let it not be pvp only!!!!!!! And btw I'm really happy about the arena but I don't want to pay $8 and above only for multiplayer content I truly hope I'm just jumping to conclusions.
Wow hate much bro. :)
Well I'll grow up when you stop being old and bitter. :)
Hey bro can you resend the link my computer says it doesn't exist. I really want to see my birthday present hehe :3
Scythes suck *** in the base game. Please give us more powerful and interesting reaper weapons.
Nashandra does. Lmao. Worthless boss fight.
Pls From, Give me back my Lifehunt Scythe (F*ck the miracle)
It'd be nice to see a scythe that both looks cool and has an awesome moveset. I liked Nashandra's from DS2 but ***** that moveset. Who smashes down with a ***** scythe? Lol
+ yes they have nerfed weapon art but they have huge range so fix the range and give us some dmg and better WA
so, at last,,,
the DLC I has been announced...
not officially I think...

but Guys dont worry...
even from the name you can be assure that this dlc is going to have a story and new locals...
The trailer's now out of you want to check that out.
Maybe this is the angel dlc?
Sorry to disappoint you, but nope
Not disappointed, was just guessing by the name.
This is the best thing i could wake up to.
greataxe looks insane
If you are thinking of the one that steroided brador uses, there may be a chance we won't be able to get it. If we can though, then jesus christ.
I think this DLC will be about Gwynevere. Why?
Well, look at the bosses they put from the game in this trailer: The twin brothers (Gwynevere's sons?), The nameless King (Supposed to be Gwyn's first born, and so, Gwynevere's brother), Gwendolyn devoured by Aldrich (Brother of Gwynevere) and Oceiroth.. Maybe her husband? And so, the father of Lothric and Lorian?

An other thing make me think that: The statue at 0:38 is longely shown and really looks like... Rosaria (but without her clothes torn), who has the Gwynevere miracle (that you can get with her soul).

Also, the DLC itself remember a lot Ariamis (Ariandel also really look like Ariamis), and Ariamis was a place where could go those who had no place to go (which is also told in the trailer!). Maybe Gwynevere flee to Ariamis/Ariandel because she had troubles in Lothric.. Like Aldrich the devourer, or something greater again..

I never thought that but i would accept Lothric, Lorian and Ocelotte's mother to be a daughter of Gwynevere.
The trailer also mentioned a 'lady of fire', and Gwynevere was the wife to Flann, the Flame God.
Why does everyone think Gwynevere is Lothric's mother? It seems really out there. I'm more of a mind that Rosaria is Gwynevere. I mean, Leonhard takes her soul to Gwynevere's chamber to protect it, and Rosaria's man-grub appearance indicates she has gone through the "rebirth" a number of times.
Id say Velka might be equally as likely, since there is that large crow thing and Ariamis had some stuff associated with her
Rosaria is actually holding a mangrub, she isn't actually part man grub. But that's an interesting point about where
Yeah, and Velka always was related to Ariamis (we find too much things related to her in the painted world of Dark souls 1).
But still.. Wouldn't it be strange that they add boss of the usual content in the trailer of the DLC, for no reasons?
Also.. These DLC are sensed to be the conclusion of the saga. I guess that they will go deeper in the lore of the game, and Gwynevere seems to be really linked to Dark souls 3 lore.
But there's also an other one that we forgot: Priscilla. She has a connexion to Dark souls 3 lore with Aldritch, and also to the painted world of Ariamis, where she is.
For the moment, we can only wait and see!
In before Flann boss fight.
Leonhard takes her*