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I was looking for a cosmetic set to suit my blood build, thank to you, I have found it!
"Let me dispense you a little bloodletting..."
alternatively, karla's clothing makes a good fit as well.
yeah this is good
Robe of prayer + old sorcerer boots works well for a similar asthetic if you arent a fan of the jailer robe
Sage's big hat + Court Sorcerer Robe + Sorcerer's gloves and leggings. Wizard of yore.
I like using this outfit along with Friede's Great Scythe. Intimidating!
What I use for my plague doctor is sages big hat, vilhelm armor, desert pyromancer gloves, and fire keeper skirt. Its a sorcerer build too
I use big sages hat and the rest is fallen knight armour
Sages hat and black leather set